SPS Governance Proposal - Begin SPS Reward Payouts for Land Holders

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As a direct result of feedback from the player community, we are putting forth a proposal to begin paying out the SPS reward pool allocated for the land expansion to land claim token holders in the Splinterlands game in advance of the land expansion being released.

The SPS whitepaper indicates that 6.25M SPS per month (decreasing at a rate of 1% / month for 65 months) is available to be paid out as part of the upcoming land expansion to the Splinterlands game. Due to the fact that the release of the land expansion has been significantly delayed, many community members have expressed interest in beginning to distribute that reward pool to holders of the land claim tokens (PLOT, TRACT, and REGION).

If approved, this proposal would add 6.25M SPS per month (decreasing at a rate of 1% / month for 65 months) in rewards which would be distributed equally per plot of land held within a Splinterlands game account on a daily basis. This would mean that players would receive approximately 40 SPS tokens per month in the first month per plot of land held in their account with TRACT claims being worth 100 plots and REGION claims being worth 1000 plots.

Land claim tokens held on external platforms such as WAX or Hive Engine will not count for these distributions, which means that the more tokens that are held on external platforms, the more SPS will be distributed for each land plot held in game.

The land SPS rewards will be staked directly to players' accounts and will be claimable via the same method as ranked battle rewards and node license rewards.

Please note that once the full land expansion is released, a new proposal will likely be published to stop these direct SPS rewards to land plot holders and instead give out the SPS based on a different set of mechanics specific to the economics of the land expansion. Ultimately it is up to the SPS token holders to decide how or if SPS tokens will be distributed to land holders (or to anything else for that matter) going forward.


Have some land so i think yes would be my vote.

May change my mind though, particularly because others (like Neal & Matt) have more land then me.😂

Any idea how I withdraw my PLOT from hive engine to Splinterlands??

you can do it in game. go into inventory. hamberger style menu on right of land plot - have a play with those buttons. :)

Nothing shows up there when I checked. I have 1 PLOT on Hive Engine, no idea how to transfer it into game, any idea?


? sorry cant help. Maybe best to ask around in discord.

I would like to suggest that this be changed to where the automatic SPS drops stop immediately upon implementation of the ability to claim land tokens for land NFTs.
No need to vote on it later in my opinion.

Sounds like a plan

why would claiming land be the stopping point? why not when land is actually functional from a gameplay perspective?

I'm thinking at the point people start claiming lands and discovering rarity and such, there will be enough hype around it all so that the removal of the SPS will not really be noticed.
Also it would be the first major step toward land implementation and so it would make sense to stop the distribution because it's kind of a "thank you for holding through all the delays," which won't be needed once the delays are done.

Some things to consider here are that the claiming of lands is by far the easier part and we hope to have that live by the end of this year or early next year at the latest at this point (it is being actively worked on right now).

Whereas the next phase where land can be used to harvest resources and build buildings and all of that - which is where players would be able to earn SPS through working on land - will probably still be a bit further off.

So our thinking was that SPS rewards would be given out to land holders until they could start earning SPS through actually using the land in the game. That's why it is written in this way in the proposal.

If enough stakeholders want that changed here then we can change it, but I don't think I've heard that request from anyone else thus far. Additionally, keep in mind that when land is claimable, if the community feels like the SPS rewards should stop, they can always propose and vote for it at that time (or any other time). Nothing here is set in stone.

If a date for SPS airdrops to stop is set in stone it would give speculators a trading opportunity. What we want to incentivize is long term holders.

I am voting yes in its current form with no changes.

Program the automatic stop of SPS rewards just for plots, which will then resume once land is active and only be paid to land that is activated / utilized per the original plan.

I have 150 land myself, and I completely agree with this suggestion (or at least to stop it once land begins to pay out anything). We don't want to sabotage the land plans from the devs!


I'm against this. Let's wait to unleashed the flood of SPS distribution until there's a reason for the economy to expand and absorb it. (when land drops)

I doubt anyone's vote here will matter though. Those sitting on regions already have enough SPS to pass this by themselves I'm sure.

I've suggested adding a card staking component and then it makes more sense and would actually help the economy.

Most Plot holders are probably SPS stakes as well, making this a strange proposal in my opinion. Seems to me, that your POV is that it should start but you want the DAO to certify it, put it on and we'll vote it up. Guilty of greed: positive.

i think you are forgetting that the landowners will get the sps anyway, whether this starts now or with the land release makes little difference, except that the 65 months of distribution will be over sooner, which i think everyone welcomes!

In physics, time is a dead end. For a mortal being with a consciousness that is playing a game - it's everything. It is my stronKKK opinion that Land Rewards should start with the decentralized card minting which they are meant to be for. Especially since the market is flooded by SPS already anyway. I'd not add additional SPS rewards before SPS Staking has become a rewards multiplier as it is planned somewhat soonish. Timing matters a whole lot.

Na, most land is owned by whales of SPS, it wont end in 65 months, they will just vote for more SPS at the end of 65 months

there are only limited sps, they are not printed infinitely

This will destroy SPS in the meantime. Whales already own most of the land and SPS making them more powerful with no use case for land as of yet.

This should be only passed when land become available or functional. Remember, land was only $10 each and SPS wasn't even created yet.

There was not the same level of certainty at the land sale then there is now.

The sale was way before the boom happened, and raised a lot of money to ensure that Splinterlands could survive as a company for much longer.

It also wont destroy SPS, between the Genesis Sports air drop and staked SPS needed to earn SPS rewards around the corner, people will be continuing to accumulate.

Interesting, thanks for giving a better perspective.

land owners have received the least amount of rewards since sps started, I'll be voting yes

Yes please! It is fair to do considering the amount of time holding these assets.

Yes, yes, 2169 times yes

Lets start now! this is awesome!

Glad to hear this proposal, great idea 😁👍

Is it possible to have regions purchased by guilds be split up to tracts and plots before this takes place? Guild leaders already had to send sps from those purchases for a year due to the airdrop. It would be even harder now due to it being delivered staked.

let's dooo this.....

Oh for sure yes! yes!

Well sure who doesn't like more money, but how is this gonna help the current game economy problems?
What would be smart is to allow people to stake cards against the land to earn more of the SPS pie.
This solves the problem of oversupply of cards, and gives older cards more utility as it could be the amount of staked CP that actually matters.
With cards being staked, there will be more pushing and shoving and potentially more packs will sell as people scramble for more cards.
I know this is all coming later, but a simple card staking system (perhaps we could use the existing delegation system somehow) would benefit the whole eco-system as a whole.

Another easy yes for me. 65 months is almost an eternity in crypto terms, I'm excited to see where we are by then.

Lets do it!

Finally! :)

IT"S ABOUT DAMN TIME! Tired of hearing people ask about important items that you put off for years while you expand and launch other BS?

This is not the right time to pay the land holders rewards. The inflationary will increase alot, moreover, cryptocurrency market is extremely risky at the moment so I would say no

I will vote in favor of this proposal, primarily because land has been delayed. Implementing the rewards may help mollify the players who are frustrated by how long they have been waiting for land. (Though a few people have been waiting for boss monsters for even longer).

How do I withdraw my PLOT from Hive Engine -> Splinterlands? I have one on there and do not see how to do it.