#519 Splinterlands Card Giveaway

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🎉 Splinterlands Giveaway! 🎉

500++ Giveaways and that is just the beginning! In order to help new players to build their own card collections I will continue to bring these giveaways! My idea is to give back as much as I can to the community 😅

The card for today:


Read the rules below 👇 to find out how to join this giveaway!!


  1. Leave a comment below together with your 👉🏻Splinterlands username👈🏻.
  2. Upvotes, Tips, Follow, and other similar stuff will be much appreciated🙇 . As the tips will be increasing, I will be able to do better Giveaways.
  3. Winners be selected randomly using this tool. https://hivetools.onrender.com/picker/
  4. The winner will be announced in the next post
  5. There will be a notification list and I'll add anyone commenting. To get deleted, just post "@stamato I want to be excluded from the notification list"
  6. To honor my followers, all my followers will get a +1 entry in the giveaway

Last giveaway's winner


Congrats @micay your card will arrive right about now.


Reveal spoiler

Notification list
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My dream is to give one legendary every day 💪💪💪 but for that, i will need to get at atleast 100 upvotes. Until then, I will try to increase the card rarity as the upvoters will be increasing.

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