Splinterlands Art Contest! Week #180 - Lustful numph

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to all my fellow members in the Hive platform especially the Splinterlands community.

I will share today my entry for this week's art contest #180!

The card I chose is WOOD NYMPH and I thought "How the nymph would be in real life?"
So here she goes:


Step by step





Here is the flower as well (i almost forgot it)



Thank you for having the time to view my entry.I hope everyone liked my Art.


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i cant sign up.. it directs me until authorisation and then nothing

Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

Woaaaaaaaaa Mindblowing! It's so realistic keep it up!

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thank you so much :)


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!PIZZA this art is worthy!

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wooo! que buena forma de pintar, seria interesante ver el proceso de eso.



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Awesome , best of luck, you got my vote

Hi! Splinterlands wants to give the opportunity for our Art Contest Winners to tokenize their art and market it to our audience! This will empower you to mint your own fan art as a Splinterlands approved NFT on Splintertalk while getting credit, growing your own brand, and sharing in the profits!
Contact me in Discord if you are interested thanks! - Isaria #5473