Great legendary summoner, but you would need a ton of vouchers, doubt I will be able to get one with my 45 vouchers LOL

Congratulations on the packs from today's video, not bad pulls from the packs either.

I dropped right out of Splinterlands as I didn’t have time for it
May have been a mistake
Maybe I should start buying some packs again or at least seeing what’s new

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Daddy needs 1,000 DEC. Gimme gimme plz

Great content like always keep up the hardwork! The hype from your videos is king.

nice video and quick summary instead of me watching the whole 2 hours long original video. Thanks!

Very nice Promo card! I think is a must have!!!!

Great video as always dude! 😉

Ign "gh-favel" good variety of content. Love to see Gladius openings. I'm about to hit 30k power. Started in January. Wasn't a bad month. I hope I can keep growing. Still too new to be able to think about Waka Spiritblade but trying to get sps staked for vouchers. I get a measly 0.006 vouchers a day and have earned 0.06 in total. It's going to take hundreds of vouchers to get a copy of Waka. Even investing 400$ a month until riftwatchers, I won't have enough sps or vouchers for it. Really wish I found this game in 2019 or even earlier.

More exposure can only be a good thing for Splinterlands 👍.

As for what you said about tournaments, I totally agree. I feel like the prizes should be distributed to a greater pool of players. Otherwise it's just not worth playing for most people.

I also can't wait for them to update rewards. As of right now, the rewards aren't good enough to bring in new people.

Great video. I hope they listen to your feedback, some good stuff!

Good thing that legendary summoner will probably not bothering us in lower leagues. Good thing also that the circle on that promo card's ability is green so it probably add poison as ability instead of making all opponents poisoned. The art style is really cool.

Thanks for the update. Awesome analysis!

Vouchers!! Oh YeaH!

Awesome content!

The new summoner will be broken for Sneak/ Snipe/ Opportunity and especially for Scatter Shot line up.

IGN: kaylerfaye

Excited about the new promo card, hope it wont cost to much ^^

Nice pulls on the gladiator cases! Its crazy the new initiatives with the celebrities! IGN @brojustaverage

whale Card. :D

it's nice to promote splinterlands.
can wait for the new rewards system to be reveal.

wow some good changes are coming as always. looking forward to see the future of this game. I think it will be awesome

thanks for giving us quick rundown of upcoming changes.
Hope new marketing efforts will bring new people to the game

Great summary, thanks for the content.

Nice breakdown of voucher usability. Always thought the devs would find a way to keep making them useful. Great video as always!

Thanks for the recap, sir! I should probably buy me some more packs 😅