Thanks for the recap

play and watched the video

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Im excited to see where the rental market goes if we can find a common ground with the bots to get a better split on earnings I’d have no problem with then at all. Especially with the benefit of fast matchmaking lol. Ign: king-matt

Interesting to see how things go, hope they have backup plan if something like Luno happends


Let's hope they make it a steady nice economy for us all to enjoy. I am really hyped for the reward changes they seem really good. Great recap video, thank you for doing it Steve!

Great video

Excited for tournament change as not having the reward cards for chaos really makes playing tournaments vastly different than ranked play. Thanks for the recap! IGN: Bluedevil0722

Always enjoy listening to your insights into the game. 👍 We'll only know how the entire economy will be affected when it really goes live.

Thanks for the this.

Thanks Steve! Really enjoy your recaps.

Thanks for the effort you put, and count me in please.


!Gif pizza

With DEC being pegged to game assets, we have one less thing to worry on the fluctuation of DEC used for renting and buying cards.


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