Presenting SPL NOODLES!

in #splinterlandslast year

spl noodles slow.gif

SPL Waifu

Takuri Presents over +60 hrs of animation.


The Start of a great Epic

We were just playing around, i stand by my belief that sloths can donate 1 toe to my hot pot. They don't need it anyway. Grrrrrrrrr

So yeah around +20 days ago, the noodles animation was discussed and approved by @zeroooc. As such i went missing for almost a month to finish this craft.

Testing out new features i haven't tried before and losing brain cells as i struggle to get the Audio Waveform in shotcut.

Overall it took me around +60hrs spread between a couple weeks. Granted a good chunk of it was spent planning, editing and figuring out how why adobe want artist to suffer.

Prepare yourself. Today i make Cupnoodles animations. Tomorrow i start my world conquest!

Also if your here just to get the Gifs and emojis for your discord server. Go ahead and skip to the links section.

Base Colors
Lighting and Shadows


Effects + Filters

Using the Noodles as a example, pretty much the same thing through out the entire animation timeline. Also i didn't tween in this project sooooo all the frames are hand-drawn! Torture

Rexxie from Splinterlands

It started with a simple sketch, followed by the base colors. If you could tell, she is based off the color palette of Rexxie. Hhaahah it looks odd without her hat.

For the lighting and shadows, i tried to minimize them as much as possible and add some glare to make it look shiny. And it looks cooler with a dark background such as discord. Unless you use light mode........ Why?

Color Palette

Base Colors (HTML)

SPL Waifu:

(Hair) Pink (F3768C)
(Skin) Light tone (FFE9DB)
(Coat) Green (90B426)
(Boots) White (FFFFFF)

SPL Noodles:

(Cover) Gray (C2C2C2)
(Upper half) Cyan (1FB1B1)
(Rim) Yellow (FFE47E)
(Lower half) Cyan (006666)
(Teeth) Gold (FFC900)

Shadows and Lighting Colors (HTML)

SPL Waifu:

(L Hair) Pink (FFB1C9)

(S Hair) Red Pink (C8435B)
(S Skin) Warm tone (DDB6B2)
(S Coat) Dark green (637E11)
(S Boots) Purple (D8CADE)

SPL Noodles:

(L Cover) White (FFFFFF)
(L Rim) Light Yellow (FFF5D1)

(S Cover) Dark gray (888888)
(S Upper half) Cyan (1B7474)
(S Rim) Yellow (BBA44E)
(S Lower half) Dark Cyan (034646)
(S Teeth) Gold (B49110)

After i create my assets in adobe animate, we move on to the editing phase. Typically i can do all the transitions, effects and other stuff within the program because

  • I can just draw and animate it
  • Using a dedicated drawing program has more freedom than a video editing program

I would only use a video editor, when i need to mess with the audio or i need some crazy effect that's too time consuming to animate it by hand.

As such the editing software i prefer is shotcut!


Shotcut is a Open-source free to use Video editing software.

As you can see from the timeline, there are different tracks, filters and other stuff. The 2-most important parts for this animation is.

  • Audio Dance Visualization - Adjust the object within the timeline in sync with its audio. *I made it so that when it gets louder it becomes bigger. This was applied to the rings

  • 360'Equiretangular to stereographic - Originally for 360 edits, but i needed a bouncy circle waveform. So i Frankenstein morphed it to fufill my purposes. Its the circle waveform you see at the back.

Circle Waveform

Links and other stuff.

So yeah i guess that's about it for the animation process. UwU im trying to make it shorter and easier to read, unlike my previous format. Feel free to get the file and edit it however you like. Im too lazy to get all the possible gifs and emojis.

Google Drive File

(Animate file)

(Krita file)

Music by: @DECO27 (Youtube)

My youtube channel

Splinterlands Website

Cupnoodles refference

Krita (Drawing program used)

Shotcut (Video editing program used)


Emojis and Gifs to use wherever!







A Bouncy version of noodles munching

spl noodle.gif

spl noodles slow.gif

I really really like this part, ahahhahaha!

Welp i guess that's about it, im almost at 200 subs! WOOOOOOOOO

Also thanks for the left kidney @zeroooc

and i managed to finish this after 60Hrs, dear god @ryivhnn has been working on a project for years now. Cannot wait for it to finish! # 1-Eternity later

-- Takuri


the animation is very fluid and the character is very cute, I loved it :D. untitled.gif

UwU Ty so much!

she makes me fall in love

Man I just love how committed you get! It's really rather awe-inspiring to see.
You dun dun good!



Evil fiend! PERISH!

Meanwhile I just put up with the "inferior" free apps and do fine without the exhorbitant usage fees XD

I love the ingredients list one XD so cute! And so is that bowl/pot design aaaaaahhhhhh XD

With the exuberance of the bounce I feel like the arm claws needed to flap a lot more, though if they're stiff and heavy maybe that makes sense as is.

Technically everything between keyframes is tweening regardless of whether you do them manually or get the computer to interpolate for you. Why did you do it manually just out of interest? :D

also at the rate I'm going I don't know if any of the subprojects will actually finish never mind the entire project, what I needed years ago was a lot more time and a lot less pushback than what I got, and it would take a miracle now for me to make it work

Originally the arm claws was suppose to be manipulated using the puppet tool.

But as i was chugging along, noticing that puppet interpolation would make it 10x smoother and bouncier.

Converting it into GIF would be a nightmare.

I would rather covert 4-frames in loop rather than a Crisp 24fps interpolated animation. Discord has a 8mb limit, GRRRRRRRRRR!

@ryivhnn the miracle worker! If someone at your age can learn blender, by the time im done learning blender. Who knows you might already be finished with it.

You'll never be done learning Blender. You'll learn everything that you use, and there will be more that you don't use, and by the time you've learned all that, there will be new versions with new things to learn, some of which you'll learn because you'll use it, and more which you may or may not be aware of but may not get around to learning XD

I peer into the abyss and jump head first!

Nice work takuri! It's oozing with cuteness!

Ty po witty.

Now gimme all the ube you have.

That's scary takuri! 😱 I don't have ube so please share yours with mine 😂

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you got me at those jiggly movements! :D


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Ty very much!

Man, you put a lot of effort here, I CAN NEVER 🤣

Good job, takuri! maybe one day you can teach me how to do this and the boink boink~

Good luck, nerd.


Wooooo JIJI animations!

Mappa na siya next year.

!discovery 30

Discover reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Really good work here especially the noodle munching one. You have next level dedication and patience 🤩.

Since you animate is the Adobe animate software good for animation? My friend keeps asking me to learn animation lol. I don't know where to start XD.

For beginners i suggest using Krita. It uses tradition frame by frame animation (Similar to the one your seeing right now)

UwU would love to see your animations as well as @jijisaurart

Nice! Krita is free so that's great hehe.

The new animation is not frame by frame?

The SPL noodles is frame by frame. If you want a tweened piece that's made in adobe animate

This is tweened, uwu its @jijisaurart!

You can check my other animations if you want.

That's super cute. I think I saw this before on one of your old posts. I'm new to the term tweened. Gonna need to reserch about it more haha.

What if we want to take it up a notch? Like anime level animation but under 30sec. Is that gonna be really hard and time consuming?

If its tweened like the JIJI animation, it only took me around +20hrs.

Just this frame by frame animation, about +60hrs.

It took me +120hrs to do a 1min animation.

I guess if your pro its much faster, but since anime is Frame by frame.

If its a simple anime *Chibi, then solo and weeks worth of effort. You could probably make a OVA.

But if its Mappa lvl / Chainsawman. Ughhh GOODLUCK MATE!

Damn, my friend for some reason thinks it's easy XD. That's too much screen on time for a person working on a very small project.

Thanks Takuri :)

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Grrrrr i shall find who dis curator is

So cute. Nice work <3

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