Vruz the Cute Goblin // Art week 237

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Vrun the Gob Gob

A cute animation that only took +30hrs now!

As usual, it originates within the crevice of humanity known as the Nyxlabs discord server. It was just my usual afternoon, with dinner fast approaching. Playing some games, chatting in discord and the usual vibing and chilling.


Initially i was thinking of doing using some other Splinterlands monsters, such as Hungry Skull eating the (Ube) Vampire bat.

However a couple days ago, there was a user who made some pretty cool SPL fan-art. A level of which i hope to reach one day.

The epic drawing that inspired me to make this post was made by @yanes94. She created a very cool version of Vrun the goblin, but the part that hooked me in was our conversation.


Basically, its always depicted that goblins have all the riches. Be it armor, weapons and clothing. At this point you would expect them to be wearing some, but nahh. Here's some commonly used excuses

Table-top Games

  • Small body type
  • No proficiency
  • Stupid


  • Underlings (They give the loot to the masters)
  • Scared
  • Prefers goblin stuff
  • Uses some *(Usually rusted or worn-out)

But but there are exceptions that depict goblins as killing machines and a serious threat!

For me the Anime series that can give the goblins a proper spotlight is


Goblin Slayer Cover

Goblin Slayer is a great anime! Do note that this series can be very graphic and i only recommend it to adults and Doom Eternal players.

Going back to the topic!


Vruz from Splinterlands


Kinda looks like lemons?

At the time, i was sure yet on what to draw. After that smol talk with @yanes94 i was like. Ehh might as well try drawing Vrun, checked out the Splinterlands lore post about vrun.


You see, i was listening to Chocolate and Lemons by Mitsukiyo from youtube. Its a very relaxing and adorabble bgm, then i looked the bag of gold that vrun was carrying/ Unlike the Piles of coins and the treasure chest. The stack he hauling behind him looks like a huge pile of lemons!

And the rest is history...

Step by step Process *(Including Color codes!)


Base Colors

Gradients + Effects

Color Palette

Base Colors (HTML)

UwU Vrun:

(Skin) Green (7AC55C)
(Outline) Dark Brown (330E00)
(Undeer Ear/Cheeks) Pink (FFBAB6)
(Cheek strokes) White (FFFFFF)
(Bell) Yellow (FFD04A)
(Stick) Brown (996600)
(Sack) Brown (CD7454)

Gradient Colors (HTML)

UwU Vrun: I just applied it as a overlay, For the shading. Just darker colors of the base.

(Top) Yellow (FFCA00)(25%)
(Bot) Red (FF0000)(15%)



After Composing in adobe animate, i moved over to Krita to finish it. And convert it into GIF, if your asking why i didn't just do it in adobe animate? Although i enjoy some suffering now and then, i don't want my computer exploding or even worse.

Ending up with a Quicktime Alpha file that's over 2Gb in size. Even using the Gif format, you could easily be looking at 30mb. But the discord limit for F2P scrubs is 8mb-25mb unless the server is boosted. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Links and other stuff.

(Animate file)

(Krita file)(Over 100mb size)(When loaded in krita 1.4Gb)

My youtube channel

Splinterlands Website

Krita (Drawing program used)

Vrun Refference

Goblin Slayer Cover


Emoji's and Gifs to use everywhere!


spl goblin000.png

spl goblin006.png

spl goblin235.png

The are just some of the parts i liked the most! Hahhah, if you go check the file. There's alot more but im too lazy to plaster each frame to the wall. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Guess that's about it. Thanks for wathing!

Also @apsu i shall eat you soon! And prepare yourself @zeroooc for tomorrow, i have something prepared for you!

-- Takuri


Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

What a glorious crevice it is!
I wonder what else we might be extract from this orifice.

So, this is a smooth animation! Like I said, it's rather flawless.

Good work kid.

Now please proceed to the sacrificial pit for self-immolation.


I have already been bathing on this pit of lava for the past 100-yrs now. Cultivating! Becoming stronger!

Yuuuuuuuuuuu, come join me. Although i have to admit the molten lava isn't hot enough. I was expecting Super nova levels of heat.

Pathetic, yorrrr a dissapointment!


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long time no see @zeroooc.

Recently there's this @nyxlabs guy that has been saying some heretical stuff. Also he owes me 5 kidneys.

Funny you should say that...they owe me five kidneys too!

Ooohhh so cute!
I'm also trying out animating!
Nice to know someone here is doing it as well!
Keep it up! :D

WUUUUUUUUUU A fellow filipino animator.

Seems like i have found my new rival! GRRRRRRRRRR

I accept your challenge!
Our battle shall be legendary!

Your representation is perfect 😍😍😍.I've never seen anything like this before 🤩 I love what you have done, it was a long job but it turned out great 💪🏻😍.

🤔🤔🤔🤔I inspiration ? Naaa 😆😆😂 Let's skip that part, although it makes me feel good 😆😆😂🤣🤣 lol

I made vrun the goblin chibi cute, in contrast to your realistic depiction!

But i kept the humble side of only wearing a loin cloth. *Although i forgot to include that part. Hhahaha

true, but I'll take yours, tenderness kills me 🥺🙀🙀

Hmmmmmm I hadn't thought about that, so funny but it is perfect, no one will doubt that it is there 😂😂😂 lol in the imagination is the loin cloth 😂😂

That's really cute and cool!

UwU ty!

hehe cute.


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