Splinterlands Season Goals: Getting out of Bronze III


This new season I have a clear goal in mind. I’ve been stuck in Bronze III for almost two seasons. During the first season I was an absolute beginner who couldn’t tell a Mighty Dricken from a Furious Chicken.

This last season I’ve started getting the basics of deck building, acquired a few cards, drawn my first Loot Chest card as a reward, and all around gotten into the game a lot more.

Last season I increased my rating enough to reach Bronze II, but I lacked the power to unlock it. This season I’ll unlock it and beat it.

To do this, I have a plan. I’m not saying it it the best plan, or that it’s the only plan. But it’s at least a plan.

Increasing Power

To increase my Collection Power, I need more cards. Any cards. I have bought a few good cards to buff my Fire and Water decks, which is my two go-to. Adding a few cards such as the Sea Monster, Creeping Ooze and Venari Wavesmith has allowed me to start winning a lot more Ranked Battles, and I have confidence that I can manage to get out of Bronze III with my current decks. I might try to pick up a Furious Chicken, as fodder in low mana cap battles.

All that’s left is that Power level gate to get through. To break this gate down, I decided to invest in some Gold Foil cards, as they add more to your power than normal cards. As I’m not reaching for Silver yet, I bought all cheap Gold Foil cards that I could, no matter if I’ll ever use them or not.


My thinking is that these cards should hold their current value, or even increase a bit, thus allowing me to resell them in the future without any money lost. That, or rent them out in the future when I’m no longer in need of them. Right now it’s all about the power.

I did consider renting the cards with the power level I needed, but I like owning assets more than renting assets. Just my preference. Though I guess that when I’m trying to break into Silver down the road, I might need to rent to be able to afford the needed cards.

Other than buying cards, I’ll also participate in as many free giveaways as I can. My plan is also that once I’m in a better position, I’ll also start doing a few giveaways a week to repay the generous community, in a sense.

Besides my personal goal of getting out of Bronze III, there’s a lot happening in the Splinterlands world right now.


Chaos Voucher Airdrop

During the Chaos Legion pre-sale event, you’ll need some of the brand new VOUCHERs to get to buy some packs. These Vouchers will be airdropped to SPS Stakeholders at a ratio compared to the total amount of SPD staked. This does mean that for a relative beginner like me, getting Vouchers will be hard, but I like a challenge. My goal is to increase my Staked SPS vastly and rapidly in this coming season.


Staking SPS

Speaking of staking, what little SPS I’ve accumulated so far has only been sitting in my in-game wallet. Stupidly enough. I’ve gotten a bit wiser, and started staking it. Already I’ve accumulated 0.008 SPS. A tiny amount, but these numbers will just keep growing, and I’m in it for the long run.


Splintershards Airdrop

To be able to stake more SPS, I first need to get more SPS. Except for buying some more, I’ll try to up my Airdrop Points as much as possible. I might not be able up increase it to the levels that I’d wish before the pre-sale event ends, but even after that getting more SPS and staking more SPS means getting more SPS. A postitive cycle that’s just going to keep getting better. And I’ll be more ready for future events.

As far as I can see, the most accessible ways to increase my airdrop points are:

  • Collecting more cards and increasing my Collection Power.
  • Earning and possibly buying more DEC.
  • Creating interesting content relating to Splinterlands, and by the good grace of the Splintertalk community, hopefully be rewarded a few SPT along the way.

The rest seems a bit out of my league yet. I’d love to get my hands on a Land Plot, but at the moment I cannot justify the cost of one.

I wrote this post mainly to have something to benchmark against when the next season begins. A way to try and hold myself accountable and motivated to put that extra time and resources in. Setting goals is important, and I find it fun to beat my goals.

If you’d like to travel alongside me on this journey and experience the Splinterlands for yourself, sign up here: Splinterlands

Lets get down in the trenches and grind!


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