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Speculations around the next Legendary Life Summoner

After the artwork for the Legendary Life Summoner was revealed, speculations about its abilities had fueled uncountable discussions among players.

Life Legendary Summoner Artwork.jpeg

This chart was in fact inspired by one of those exchanges on YouTube. Jim Morgan, alias @moookiller co-host on @infidel1258's YouTube channel, found similarities in the tones of colors between this new Summoner and the ability Immunity. In their video, they ended up challenging one another testing out different combinations against this misunderstood ability.

When I saw that even experienced players didn’t have a good grasp of Immunity, besides the fact that it protects against Poison, I understood that I wasn’t alone in having trouble fully apprehending the extensive reach of that ability. This, of course, motivated me to create another Simplified Chart that will, hopefully, bring some clarity to the topic.

By watching Jim and Dwayne going through their battles, I learned that “Demoralize” was distinct from a “-1 Melee” debuff. One counts as a Negative Status Effect, while the other is a Hard Nerf. Interestingly enough, debuffs from Summoners still apply. This explains why Camila Sungazer can decrease immune monsters’ Melee attacks by one, but not the Disintegrator.

This logic should work the same way for the pairs “Weaken / -1 Health”, “Slow / -1 Speed”, “Headwinds / -1 Range”, and “Silence / -1 Magic”. Another thing to note is that even though Knock Out isn’t a debuff ability, the fact that an immune monster cannot be stunned makes Knock Out equally ineffective against Immunity monsters. The more we know about this ability, the more powerful it seems to be.

List of negative status effects from

  • Affliction - Monsters granted with the affliction status are unable to be healed.
  • Blind - Monsters granted with the blind status have an extra 15% chance to miss an attack.
  • Cripple - Monsters granted the cripple status effect lose 1 point of max health.
  • Demoralize - Monsters granted with the demoralize status lose 1 point of melee attack power.
  • Halving - Monsters granted with the halving status have their attack power cut in half (rounded down).
  • Headwinds - Monsters affected by the headwinds status effect lose 1 point of ranged attack power.
  • Poison - Monsters granted with the poison status effect lose 2 points of health at the end of every round.
  • Rust - Monsters granted with the rust status effect lose 2 points of max armor.
  • Silence - Monsters granted with the silence status effect lose 1 point of magic attack power.
  • Slow - Monsters granted with the slow status effect lose 1 point of speed.
  • Snare - Monsters granted with the snare status effect have lost the flying ability's perks.
  • Stun - Monsters granted with the stun status effect will not take action on their next move.
  • Weaken - Monsters granted with the weaken status effect lost 1 point of max health.

The "Immunity + Heal" Combo


Kralus being immune to Affliction, its Heal ability becomes even more valuable. A while ago, I learned this the hard way when Captain’s Ghost or Doctor Blight was unable to cast their affliction on this opposite tank. Potentially having a Summoner giving Immunity to an entire team can open a number of possibilities that would bring new strategies to the game.

I hope you’ll find this chart helpful.



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