Brawl Advantage Tactic | How I Won A Draw Brawl Match

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I almost forgot I had a brawl match to fill today which is the last brawl for this season and it will end in the next 19hrs which season is ending in the next 16hours, my mind just told me to check out the guild section if there is a new message for the team and I found out I'm yet to play before my summoners rentals will expired and if it doesn't I wont be able to rent again because it will be a waste. I had to fill in all battles and I was able to secure some wins in the gold fray that i do battle in.

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 22.58.50.png

One battle really caught my attention though which I won due to advantage tactics we had through the guild barrack section, once the the team barrack section is in level one, you will have access to the advantage tactic which work is to make the home team win if there is a draw and also the home team unit will go first in a tie, I usually dont notice this because I rarely tie in battle, either I win or I lose but this match was somehow different, and the funniest part was that we used the same summoner and monster cards.

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 23.22.37.png

battle link

I find it hard to take the full screenshot with the rules given but it was the rule that allow only range cards, the one that only allow odd mana cards and silence summoner. Yes the three rules and we had the 13 mana capped with only fire element to chose from, 13 mana cap is way to small for such rule and summoner so I had to go with tarsa, then the 9 mana cap left made it really hard to pick which monster card I will love to select so after a lot of thinking I just decided to use lava launcher since it has the close range which allow it to attack as a frontline and also the stun ability. I was somehow surprised we both had the same thought because he came with what I choose exactly which make it a tie but since I'm the arena host and I had the advantage tactic, I was given the win.



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