A Few Rare Cards

in #splinterlands2 years ago

We locked in a few awesome rewards again today! really starting to stack up those rare cards. This is a huge push to accumulate as much value as possible before the SPS drop starts happening.


Two new rare cards and I think the one sells for a decent amount being it's one of the newer drops. Plus a normal card and some Alchemy and Legendary potions. Not big on the potions they should help a bit but the percentages on them is super low.

What are you goals to stack up for the new SPS drop?


Nice pulls! Fineas Rage is a neat card, I have lost to it once or twice before. My goal is to spend the HBD portion of my Hive earnings to work towards having level 3 summoners for all splinters, as part of my push to get top 20 bronze. Just got a good payout today so maybe will be upgrading something soon :-)

that's a good idea when I upgraded my summoners I was finally able to advance a bit.