Just wanted to share another gem I just learned and executed playing Splinterlands

For the first 4 months of playing Splinterlands, I held onto every single card I got from packs and rewards. Thinking that if I just held them long enough, they would be worth much much more than they cost me to get them (and I still believe that to be true given enough time). However the card that changed my hold and wait philosophy was the LEGENDARY GOLD GRUM FLAMEBLADE I pulled from a $4.00 chaos legion pack. Great card that was worth $168 when I pulled it and boy did I look forward to when it would be worth ten times that and I couldn't wait. Only problem was holding that one card wasn't doing me much good aside from the 12,500 Collection Points (CP) that it gave me.

It wasn't until watching a video posted by @infidel1258 and then taking his advice that I was able to gain the most value from pulling that card and some of my other less used cards. His advice was to sell that card, replace it with a regular GRUM instead of the GOLD, then using the proceeds to purchase cheap CP to replace the 12,500 I lost.

From selling that one card in addition to the over 14,000 CP, I now have 20,000 DEC in my wallet which is earning me SPS everyday during the Air Drop. I know, I know, that isn't a ton, compared to the accounts that hold 2 million CP and 1 million DEC, but for a noob on a budget, it was a game changer and taught me a crucial lesson that applies not only to Splinterlands, but to investing as a whole. The lesson to not get attached to any one card, nft, token or cryptocoin.

This one transaction reminded me the point is to "take profits" or make moves that increase my "deck", or portfolio.

So thank you @infidel1258 for the sage advice and the support as my GUILD Creator. For other noobs, don't do it alone, learn from those that came before you so you avoid making similar mistakes, and for gods sake, have fun. Don't ever forget we are playing a game that we enjoy whilst earning digital collectables that are ever increasing in value. Not like the days of my childhood where a game cost me $35 (yes I'm that old) for the return of nothing but the bragging rights of beating the game after spending untold hours of time and attention.


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Did you try renting out any cards yet. Thats what the cute arses are doing..daily income and you still keep your gold card.

I'm renting out a few cards. Getting like 68 DEC a day. I've really just started selling cards I don't use all that much. I'm trying to stock up on DEC to maximize my Daily SPS right now. Doing this little "hack" I've been able to bring my CP up to 62,000 and holding 19,000 DEC compared to the 49,000 CP and 300 DEC I had whilst holding the GOLD GRUM.