5 Things You Need To Do Before Land 1.5

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Splinterlands is likely to release Secret of Praetoria 1.5 sometime near the end of June. This is the first round of gamification on the land and it comes with the ability to start figuring out what cards to stake and how to maximize your production points.

Before land 1.5 is rolled out, there are a few things that all land holders should consider doing if they want to maximize their results. Here are 5 in no order.

  1. Get The Cards You Need
    Peakmonsters has a lot of great tools that will help you see how much each of your cards will earn in production. Take a look and see what cards you have, and plan on pulling them out of your deck to put on land. Figure out what holes you have and try to fill them now. When land does come out, it is likely there will be a rush to cards and if you already have your set, you won't have to pay inflated prices.

  2. Get To Know Your Region
    It is going to be important that you know who your region keep and castle owners are. Having communication with them will help the region work together to do research and trade goods. It will also be important to have a keep owner that is active, so the land owners don't have to support the keep by helping it grow.

  3. DEC Saving
    Even with one plot of land, you could need up to 60,000 DEC to lock up in staking. If you have 10 plots that could be up near 600,000 DEC. It can add up real quick. I suggest finding ways to save now. You don't want to have to buy DEC when everyone is trying to buy it. I'm picking up what I can each day right now. I'm then putting it into a Liquidity Pool with SPS and just saving. When it is time pull out the DEC, I'll then take the SPS and just stake it.

  4. Bells and Whistles
    Each plot can come with a lot of ways to add bonuses. You could have a Runi, a totem a title or more. Figure out what you can do to help boost the production of your plots or if you have a few, then your best plots. Totems have come down in price lately, and even a 10% bonus from common totem will add up over the years.

  5. Don't Get Distracted
    This is me... I like all the new things. But for land, I'm trying to stay focused. I am excited for Tower Defense and GLG, but I am not going to buy into those at the risk of land. Saving a bunch of dec, it is easy to want to take 30k and buy some packs, but that isn't the plan. With so many things coming out on Splinterlands, it will be easy to get distracted, but come up with a plan to maximize your land, and then do it.

I hope this helps.

I'm doing my best to maximize my land efforts and I can't wait to play.

Let me know your thoughts and any other plans you have to get ready for land.

Thanks for reading.


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