Is Dr. Blight Even A Good Card?

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One of the coolest part of the new Chaos Legion packs coming out is the airdrop cards we'll be getting.

The first one that has been announced is named Doctor Blight and it has some amazing artwork.

But is the artwork all it has going for it?

Will you be able to use it in battles?

Will it even be worth anything?

Yes. Yes. and Yes!

This going to be one amazing card, and we don't even know how it fits into the broader play that comes with other Chaos Legion cards.

Gank made a great video on the details and I posted it on our YouTube channel. Check it out.

Here is a picture of the Doctor Blight in all of this glory. Look at all of those abilities.


This card is going to be awesome, and I can't wait to start opening packs!

Gank and I will be opening 1,000 packs live on Twitch on Dec. 8th. Stay tuned for more info.


I can't wait to test this thing out hehe made sure I would be getting one :) Can't wait for the party guys!!

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The party is going to be awesome and I can't wait. I'm excited to have a Doctor Blightin my deck too.

Hello Keys, Yes we are all excited to see DR.BLIGHT and the remaining 12 promo cards after! Hope we can benefit a lot for availing those promo cards early as its really costly to have LOL

lol, very costly. lol But I'm excited to get two of them. THanks for reading.

Thanks for making the cool video sir! Im slated to just get 1 copy, but hopefully a couple copies can be obtained for a reasonable price at some point in time, id like to get 3 copies total for the poison.

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Thank you. I barely got two. Very happy! I'm sure there will be opportunities to pick some extra up. Thanks for reading!


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