Is SPS The Play Right Now?

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There is a lot going on in Splinterlands right now and it is hard to decide on what is the best way to grow your account. I don't just mean monetary value, but leveling up cards, buying land and the boosters associated with land.

For me right now, there is one area that I am focusing on. When land came out, I figured out what cards I needed and so I'm pretty good there. I could always level up my deck, but is that the best use of my funds right now? I don't think so.

Cards are always going to be there. Sure the prices of these might go up, but new ones will hit the market. So I'm not too worried about cards. That is a low grind for me.

There is a new promo card... I could dive into that. I do want to support Splinterlands the company, so I am getting one, but not going hard.

Genesis league and Tower Defense should be released in June. I have some packs, but not my focus.

My focus is on SPS Staking for 4 reasons.

  1. I think it is pretty inexpensive right now. Less than 3 cents is good, but under 2.5 is great.
  2. The rewards - I'm getting SPS, Vouchers and GLX just for staking my SPS
  3. Voting - with the latest bot proposal, it is clear that it is important that your voice is heard.
  4. Land - Land is going to eat up a lot of DEC, and the new Brawl system will too. We have a promo card and a potential sub set coming out soon. Lots of DEC sinks which could start the flywheel
  5. Belief - Staking SPS is the affirmation of the belief that Splinterlands is here to stay

I recently reached the 60K milestone, but my goals is 100k.

I think SPS is the play right now, and this isn't financial advice. I'm just explaining what I am doing.

What do you think>


I just bought and staked nearly 30k SPS this morning so Im long SPS for sure! :)

that is awesome. I staked 1,500 yesterday. lol

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