Legendary Opportunity In Splinterlands

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There is a real opportunity in Splinterlands, and some might even call it a legendary opportunity.

Everyone has a chance to get a legendary piece of land when they survey their land, but not everyone will be that lucky.

For the rest of us that don't land a castle, we can take some steps now to make sure that we maximize our land.

Right now, there are legendary cards for less than a $1 each.

We already know that you can stake cards on your land to make it more productive. The better the card the more productive. The higher BCX the more productive.

So if you only have a few pieces of land, it will be critical to make sure you get the best possible cards working the land to maximize results.

Even Matt said that he was working to pick up cards for his land. When all of the details come out about land, then I expect to see a little rush to pick up cards.

On top of that, Chaos Legion's run is almost over and the reward cards are all soulbound now.

So if you want to be a land legend, make sure you get the cards you need now.

This may be the best time.

Not financial advice...


I have nowhere near enough cards. I have nowhere near enough (insert any SL asset). 😂

hahaha I can relate. I need more cards and more everything.

Always. Have any specific focus you are working on currently? Or just…everything?!? Lol

More land, more totems and more nightmare packs under $3.
oh and more sps. lol

so yeah... just everything

Same. If you guys ever want a nerdy guest to talk shop on one of your shows…lmk. I’d be honored. Lol

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