The Advice You Need In A Bear Market

in #splinterlands11 months ago

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This isn't my first bear in crypto, but that doesn't make it easier. As a believer in blockchain technology, I think that the future will be a digital one.

When times get tough... this is what I remind myself...

"Millionaires are made during a bear market, they just don't know it yet."

It means that if you accumulate into great projects during a bear market, when things do turn that those that didn't sell off at the bottom will be able to ride the wave to the top.

I feel that way with SPS right now.

I'm doing my best to stake as much as I can.

Slowly working my way to my goal of 100K.

I just thought I'd share that with you all tonight.

Let me know if you look at bear markets as opportunities or do you see them as opportunities?

Thanks for reading.