Weirdbeard... Doing Things Right

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Weirdbeard, Splinterlands Tournament and eSports Director, is doing a lot of things at Splinterlands, and he is doing it right.


It is simple. He is listening.

I've been streaming Splinterlands content for almost two years. Over the last year, we've had Weirdbeard on the show over 5 times. He shows up in the chat a few times a month. Every month.

Our stream isn't the only one he is engaging in.

He spends time on just about everyone's channel.

The community is discussing the latest topics every day on YouTube and every hour on Twitch. Weirdbeard is there.

It is important for a company to have their ear to the ground, but it is great how active Weirdbeard is an how he then. takes the info back to the team.

The new Battle Pass and battle modes he talked with us on stream a few weeks ago seem like some we are heading in the right direction.

As an active community member, I really appreciate it. I'm involved in a bunch of different projects, but nobody does it like Splinterlands. And when it comes to listening to the community, you won't find a company with bigger ears.

Let me know your thoughts?


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I too have been really impressed with him and his ideas. The passion is evident.