Which Packs To Stack Right Now? Chaos Legion Or Tower Defense

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We are at a very unique time right now, and there could be some great pickups right now that could get a lot more expensive in the near future.

The two things I'm looking at are Splinterlands packs...

Chaos Legion - This large set of cards that launched a little over a year ago is wrapping up its run. If they sell out or they burn, they will not be available in the store for much longer.

Soul Keep / Tower Defense - The alpha set of cards for the new game inside of Splinterlands are on sale now, and the game hasn't even launched. The game is launching soon.

Both packs are in a unique spot.

PRO Chaos Legion

  • These cards can be used in game right now
  • They are likely to get more expensive when they can no longer be purchased in the store.
  • They are around $2.60 each on Hive Engine

PRO Soul Keep

  • The first set of cards for this game (high risk/reward scenario)
  • They are likely to get more expensive when the game is launched and utility is added
  • They are around $2.60 each on Hive Engine

It's a tough call.


I think I know the answer.

The answer is... Both.

I've been buying Soul Keep packs for a few weeks, and I'm starting to buy some chaos legion. I've also stopped opening packs that I get in rewards.

The thing is... both are in similar scenarios and there can be a case made for both. So... that's why I'm starting to collect them both.

What are your thoughts? Which one would you pick?


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