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Gank and I were on stream tonight, and we had a discussion about something that I just don't understand.

Why is nobody talking about the SPS rewards coming to guilds?

I stream a few nights a week, and mostly talk about Splinterlands. There are a lot of questions about things like Land, Rift Watchers and other future improvements coming to the game.

But... one thing nobody brings up is SPS rewards for guilds. This could be huge.

Now that we don't get free SPS just airdropped to us each day, we have to go out and earn. Or just buy it, but earning it is part of the gam. Or well it will be.

Soon SPS rewards will be given out for ranked battles.

Plus you'll also be able to earn SPS by participating in guild brawls.

It is important to get into a good guild, one that you like, and start participating in the brawls.

It is a fun thing to do in the game and soon, it will pay off in SPS.

Don't sleep on the SPS coming to guild brawls.

What are your thoughts?

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