Splinterlands: Loot Chest Treasure Hunt; Keep a Close Eye When Opening Loot Chests

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Greeting Splinterlands Lovers

With about just 10 hrs remaining in season end, I have already secured my position in the highest league, Champion-I. It's time for me to fold, sit back and relax....I am not gonna risk any more ranked battles till the season end, because as countdown approaches you tend to face more and more hard hitters trying to move up.

I have high hopes for this season 150 loot chest rewards, despite of that fact that the without potions the drop rate of legendaries and gold foils have dropped significantly.

Apart from legendaries and gold foil pulls there are also other ways you can get lucky with loot chests. Here, have a look at this tweet from @splinterlands.

So keep a close eye on your season end loot, who know you might get lucky other way around.


Daily Report:

Here is a summery of my daily splinterlands proceeding:

  • Currently standing in Champion-I league at 4706 position.

  • Completed my daily quest with water splinter.

  • Daily loot rewards were ordinary.

15 aug loot.png


Guild Status:

  • I am a proud member of Neoxian guild.

  • Our Neoxian Guild is maxed and we stand at 3rd rank.

  • We are getting 20% dec guild bonus for every win and 10% shop discount as our quest lodge is maxed.



That will be all for today!!!

Good Luck For The Season End🤞🤞 🤞

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Congrats on Champion I and good luck with the season rewards. I hope you get a gold foil legendary. 🙂