Flawless Assassination

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Hello! This is my first post and I will be talking about the best game (so far) of one of my favorite monster - Silvershield Assassin


Screenshot (41).png

Summoner - Daria Dragonscale, gives all friendly monsters +1 melee attack. I choose Silvershield Knight to give the same stat to my monsters. Silvershield Assassin is at level 4 with 2 melee attack. So, after the buffs, she will have 4 melee attacks, 4 speed, 3 armor, and 5 health.

Silvershield Assassin has the highest speed for all monsters and it delivered the double strike attack to Shieldbearer and removed 8 armor. No monster died in Round 1.


Screenshot (43).png

Silvershield Assassin killed Shieldbearer with the double strike ability. First Blood!


Screenshot (45).png

Silvershield Assassin landed its ability to Goblin Chariot and was able to remove its armor. My Shieldbearer died after Round 3.


Screenshot (47).png

The 2nd Blood was from Goblin Chariot, the last hit was from Silvershield Assassin.


Screenshot (50).png

Lone Boatman killed Divine Healer. Mantoid took down Truthspeaker.


Screenshot (53).png

Silvershield Assassin inflicted damage to enemy's Mantoid. 3rd Blood!


Screenshot (54).png

Silvershield Knight took down Peacebringer. Silvershield Assassin landed the last hit to Lone Boatman. Fourth Blood.

Silvershield Assassin assassinated 4 of the enemy's monster without receiving any damage. What a Flawless Assassination!

Feel free to share your thoughts about how good Silvershield Assassin is. 😊


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