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For this week, the featured monster is WAVE RUNNER, a water monster. I do not own this card, so I need to rent for it at Level 1.

Wave runner.PNG

Round 1.PNG
Alric Stormbringer - All friendly Magic Attack Monsters have +1 Magic Attack


  1. Spineback Turtle - a good tank with 2 armor and 6 health, even though it has only 1 damage and 1 speed
  2. Wave Runner - The STAR of this post is at second position, because of its REACH ability.
  3. Ice Pixie - For damage and Flying ability
  4. Medusa - Deals 2 Magic damage, if there is no debuff from the opponent
  5. Venari Wavesmith - Protect allied monsters. Wave Runner and other monsters became more tanky with the addition of 2 armor. (Venari Wavesmith Spammer 🙌😂😂)
  6. Water elemental - Range, Heal, and Protect Venari Wavesmith

Wave runner 3.PNG

Wave Runner about to be killed by Khmer Princess. Run, Wave Runner, Run

Last round wave runner.PNG

Last and Winning Round

My strategy was succcessful, despite the fact that the enemy used Mylor Crowling as the Summoner, a counter against Wave Runner and other Melee monsters. Also, the opponent used Unicorn Mustang, which has a Void ability reducing the damage of my magic monsters. I was lucky that the enemy did not use monster/s with Magic reflect or Silence; otherwise, the result would have been different.

I want to try Wave Runner at higher league with higher level and better tank, like The Kraken, Frost Giant, or Sea Monster, and monsters with higher damage and health.

I like the Wave Runner, because of its reach ability and decent attack, speed, and health.

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Link for the battle: Wave Runner
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nice battle there my friend. Keep playing splinterlands and post awesome contents.