Finding Promo Gold

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I struck gold!

On Tuesday right at 4pm I was ready to get my Zyriel card and show my support for the team. I don't have the cash to max it out, but I wanted one.

I bought mine with DEC and Vouchers and I struck gold!

I got a gold foil Zyriel.

When it turned gold, I yelled out! It was very exciting.

There is no chance that I would buy a gold, but it is a perfect card for me. I play gold battles for my guild and this will be useful.

The thing is... I could sell for $250 right now. That is about 10K in SPS.

In a year from now, will that card be worth more than 10,000 SPS? I don't know?

I do have a goal of getting 100,000 in staked SPS, and this one card will help me get a lot closer.

Right now, I'm leaning towards the SPS, but this is an epic card. A historical card and the first of its kind.

It's a tough decision.

What would you choose?