20 CL Packs Opening + Giveaway #6

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Hi everyone, apologies for the delayed post. Was away the last few days and seems like there has been a Riftwatcher airdrop for the promo card, Oshuur Constantia. I didn’t manage to get into the pre-sale, so nothing for me unfortunately. Looks like a great card to have in any deck with a Resurrect and Tank Heal at Lvl 3.

Compared to the previously pack opening, this opening was underwhelming to say the least. There was 1 Legendary, and only 1 rare summoners. Although I did get 1 GF Epic and 2 GF Rares. I also got the most duplicates since I started this pack opening giveaway. Did you guess it correctly?






Coming in at 6 duplicates is the Gargoya Scrapper! At 1 Mana, this card is used more as a cheap filler. Sadly no one guessed it again and the card will have to go into the pool which will be given out after a few more giveaways.


  1. In the comments below, guess which card would have the most duplicates.
  2. Include your Splinterlands username (If different to your name here).
  3. If there are no correct guesses, the card will go into a pool and the Hive Random Winner Picker will decide who gets it after every 5-10th giveaway.

@olaf.gui, @luizeba, @bitandi, @morzhan, @seeweed, @noctury, @dstampede, @blitzzzz, @sheikh27, @akiraymd, @queen-silvia, @thaddeusprime, @alexis666, @stamato, @darthsauron, @eijibr, @senyong, @gs1, @iamronny, @candnpg


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Deeplurker again!

IGN olaf.gui

Thanks for the giveaways, hopefully the next packs will be more rewarding. I think Hardy Stonefish will be the most common next time around.

Count me @sheikh27 and guess again for mycelium slipspawn.

radiated brute

Count me in

radiated scorcher

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz
Lava Spider

Lava Spider

Auto-Rent your SPL cards Splex!👈

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