Combined, these Mandarins deal >100 damage and heal >80 hit points in one match

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If you don't look carefully, you'll be excused for not realizing that this is round 21 of the fight. Fatigue's about to set in, the Mandarins have unsuccessfully been trying to break through the enemy's respective tanks, and the Kraken is getting oddly close to the Wave Brood (to each their own I guess). What'll happen next? Who's gonna break through in the end?


For the impatient among you, here's the battle link:

By round 23, I'm feeling decent. With their Mandarin down, the beautiful River Nymph is able to deal 2 damage so I'm hoping to break the Kraken's defense.


Unfortunately I forget there's 3 fatigue damage coming right up, which takes out most of my team.


At this point it doesn't take much longer for the Kraken to finish off the brood and Almo, who have been screamingly surviving the Kraken's thrashing for 23 rounds. That the Splinterlands equivalent of having Mike Tyson punch you in the face for 23 consecutive rounds.

So in the end, I lose this battle. The Mandarins both come away with impressive stats (100+ combined damage and 80+ combined heals) but clearly aren't the MVPs. That goes to Mike "The Kraken" Tyson.

Nevertheless, this week the battle challenge is about the Mandarin, so let's take a closer look at this incredible card.

At 3 mana, it scales up on level 8 to 2 damage, 7 hit points, and 4 speed. Add to that Triage which heals a back line ally and silence, which reduces the enemy's magic damage, and you have a SUPER powerful low-mana card.


Angelic Mandarin is particularly strong in the Equalizer ruleset (where all healers shine). Due to it being rare, it can play in Lost Legendaries and Rise of the Commons. It can also play in Little League as it's only 3 mana. As a result it's super versatile and gets played a ton.

Its utility really starts at Silver league, which is where it gets the Triage ability.


It recently had a short lived price pump which I would attribute to some high ROIs that came largely from overzealous bot farms renting out Mandarins at higher-than-needed prices - and the price has since come back down. While the Mandarin packs a punch in Silver and above, its value is questionable in Bronze.

I would argue that this is one of the most utility-packed cards in Chaos Legion, and that as players & bot farms become more and more motivated to play in higher leagues, they will want level 4+ Mandarins for competitive Modern decks, which will inevitably drive value back to this card.

While the Mandarin didn't help me win the battle above, I can definitely say that it (and its best friend the Wave Brood) have won me many battles, and I'm sure there will be many more to come.


Thanks for sharing! - @zallin

Good Battle, thanks for sharing!