I'm Fired Up! I Need Some Water How On Earth Do We Win At Life?

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I am really fired up and frustrated with Splinterlands. I got my daily quest today and it was Earth. I haven't figured out to win using Earth so I chose another quest.

Anything but Life would have been fine but you guessed it, It was Life. So I figured I would dig in and get through it. I usually will luck my way through a quest in 30 minutes to an hour if I have no idea what I'm doing. As a beginner on focusing on 2 Splinters and trying to learn some strategy. Those are Fire & Water. I like those.

I'm getting better at Death as well but it's taking some time. But Life? Ughh, How do you win in Bronze? I won my first battle but lost the next 19 Battles in a row and gave up. I was determined just to try and figure out at least something that would work but couldn't come up with anything.

My best guest was to find a decent tank and sneak as much as I could but you know what? It doesn't work.

I looked for old battles and tutorials online but honestly, without a good search function on hive, they are very hard to find. So I'm asking the community?

How Do You Win at Life? Love to hear thoughts in the comments.


Mylor Crowling summoner is your key to success with an Earth set. That Thorns special ability is wicked against an opponent with a melee-heavy setup. However, you also need to be careful if they put up a magic attack as the Thorns is worthless there so you'll want to throw in some magic-suppressing monsters too.