Sometimes Newbs Get Lucky

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Sometimes being a newb and not knowing what you are doing works out.

I am in my 3rd season of game play and started a new account to focus on a 3rd splinter and get 1 daily chest in bronze.

My game knowledge is limited and getting a Loot chest after a quest is about as fun as it gets so my second account will be worth the $10 spellbook in entertainment alone.

But I got into a 20 mana battle and I decided to use Water (because I want to learn Water strategies) But when my enemy showed up I saw they were playing earth.

I haven't seen the summoner before and it was one you don't get for free. I glanced at the other cards and saw multiple abilities and a chicken. I figured I was toast.

But I picked Arlic, Frozen Soldier, Demented Shark & Water Elemental. I used them because they worked before even though there are still spaces for other cards.

I was pretty shocked with the outcome and could only imagine the other seasoned player was really mad. I had to watch a few times just to figure out where the thorns came from.

Watch my battle hereand don't get discouraged because low power newbs can win!


I have NFI what to do except just try to win. I have scored a few cards which are pretty ok and they seem to be able to carry my through the battles.

I only typically do the days quests when I can remember. But what is with the potions? How do I use them?

the potions you win in your chests are used when you open packs and increase the chance of getting a gold foil card. I hate them but people say I'll be happy when chaos packs come out.

I pretty much do the quest and play my mana down to 75% each day. That is the capture rate when you hover over your dark energy crystals balance. It replenishes like voting power.

My advice, just play and get lucky and win your quests. Then look up tutorials about bronze level splinters. You can learn a little that way. At least I did.