Eiji's Marvellous ( not ) Introduction!

in #splintertalk3 years ago

Here we go, as requested my introduction !

Well let me start with saying I'm mostly a shy guy not talking a lot XD.

I'm 30 Software developer living in Italy since I was born.
Due to the multiple lockdowns of Covid I manage to get close to the Crypto world following some people on twitter and getting to know these things better and better ( not to get rich however :D), but hey at least it's a interesting hobby!!

Lately in the few weeks I got interested in NFT's and this interesting Splinterlands game ! I will hope to be of company to even one people and that we may share some of our experiences and suggestion!!

Good luck and let's hope everyone is fine with all the distraction and sicknesses in the world !

@lovesniper thanks for the big suggestion's and hints you gave me with the usefull links !