How much you can earn by playing this game as a Free To Play player.

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Hello everyone! I would like to give you a better picture about this game and its earnings.
I started this game in July, 4months from now as a free to play player. I only invested in, the donations i received which was around 15$.
So lets see where 4month of daily questing took me in collection power in rating and in value.
This link ( where you can see my card collection be sure that you mark the image.png so you can check only thoose cards that are truly mine.
On top you will see my collection value image.png
Sounds great 127$ just for doing daily quests right?
Indeed to good to be true so where is the trap? There is no trap. The prices right now are insane. The SPS airdrop which will lasts for a year brought a ton of new players (still bringing) as you can see in this picture image.png
So basicly this thing what is happening rightnow with the prices and the market is normal. When there are new players appear it means some of them will invest, which leads us to the point where the prices are going nuts.
BUT what about my collection power?
As you can see according to splinterlands my power lvl is 5935 which is enough for BRONZE1 league but far from SILVER3. YET my real power lvl is around 2k. It shows 6K because i rented out 4 Almo Cambino image.png
Which is a legendary card so it provides your collection 1K power/ card. (please note that i rented out LVL1 cards not LVL4)
Rightnow with my collection power and DEC amount i have i receive roughly 0,45SPS/day which is according to the todays price is: 0,257$/SPS so i receive image.png 0,11$/day which is not that bad for a 10$ investment. :)
We all wait for the CHAOS legion to appear. Till than stay safe and be aware we are here running a marathon not a 50M sprint!:)
In case you never heard about Splinterlands and you want to try it out this is my referal link:Ref.
In case you need more information feel free to contact me via discord: Go__Next#4636
Stay safe stay tuned and open a golden LLama :)


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