Delegation of my hive tokens to earn passive income

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Hello Everyone, I will talk about my journey in Hive Platform.
First, I was just enjoying and playing Splinterlands when i have time. Through engaging with my fellow player i found out that you can earn passively in Hive.
I was influence by @psychkrhoz on this passive income strategy.
Then, i have researched and study on how to earn passively.
I tried to post on @splintertalk about my battle on splinterlands and earn SPT token.

Last week, i bought hive token and stake some of it.

Due to busy schedule in work. I can't upvote everyday, so i decided to delegate my token.

20HP delegated to @tipu. It gives me 0.003-0.004 hive per day.
5HP delegated to @wrestorgonline. It gives me woo token daily.
10HP delegated to @leo.voter. It gives Leo token
I also have other token which i also delegate.

SPT token delegated to @monster-curator. It gives me daily SPT
LEO token delagated to @india-leo.
BEE token degated to @bee-curator.
WorkerBEE token delegated to @ph1102, which i just started
yesterday. It gives BEE token payout every 7 days. Let's see
how many token i receive.

Today, I bought 100 hive token and staked it. I planning to delegate it @tipu again to increase my daily payout.

What will i do now is accumulate more hive token to increase passive income.

If you have other ideas in hive platform feel free to comment.

Thank you✈️✈️


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