Ant Miners Weekly Battle Challenge | Splinterlands #117

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This week's battle challenge focuses on the Ant Miners:

Ant Miners.png

Card Details

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A reward edition common rarity monster from the Fire Splinter at level 6:

  • Estimated cost: ~$48
  • Mana cost: 2
  • Melee damage: 1
  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 1
  • Armor: 1
  • Scavenger ability: Gains 1 max health each time any monster dies.
  • Shield ability: Reduced damage from Melee and Ranged attacks.

The Ant Miners is the quintessential support monster that I utilize in low mana battles and as a filler in some other battles when Furious Chicken is in cooldown state. Like Ants, I have many copies of the Ant Miners - all thanks to completing those daily quests over the past year, and therefore I have managed to level it up to level 6, which is the max level my Fire Splinter Summoners can play it. At level 6, the Ant Miners becomes useful as it unlocks Shield ability and improves its survivability. Ant Miners does require a supporting cast of monsters to help it during battle and will struggle without this support.

Battle - Full Battle Replay

Image 2.png

Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 24
  • Rulesets(s): Explosive Weaponry, Up Close & Personal

Lineup Details

  • Malric Inferno (Summoner): +1 melee damage
  • Cerberus: primary tank in low mana battles
  • Ant Miners: support filler monster
  • Molten Ogre: support tank to protect backline
  • Flame Monkey: support monster for armor buffs
  • Elven Cutthroat + Kobold Miner: double support sneak damage

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Image 1.png

There was one moment in the battle right after my Cerberus had fallen and Ant Miners shifted into position 1. I thought the battle was over, but luckily a miss went in my favor, and it allowed Ant Miners to proc Scavenger and Flame Monkey to proc Repair. That was a pivotal point in the battle that worked in my favor. It allowed the double sneak duo, Kobold Miner and Elven Cutthroat to inflict damage and chip away at my opposition, who seemed a superior opponent on paper. With my opposition monsters being killed, Ant Miners kept proccing its Scavenger ability, and it was able to chip with a couple of hits against the opposition as well. Although I was lucky, this battle perfectly summarised what I mentioned above: the Ant Miners can prove helpful in a low mana cost battle when paired with an excellent supporting cast.

Do you like the Ant Miners? Why or why not?

Who doesn't like receiving free monsters received in daily quest loot chests? Also, I have stacked enough of Ant Miners to level it up to level 6 where it can be helpful. If Ant Miners was not a reward edition card, would I still go out and look to purchase it to add it to my collection? Personally, If I were in the market for a low mana cost monster that does some damage, I would instead go for the Skeletal Warrior. But as the above battle showcased, the Ant Miners can be very useful when paired with Flame Monkey or another monster that applies buffs.


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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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Ant miner Lv6 is a powerful card to select in many battles.

Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss

Excellent alignment at first glance you would think that your opponent would have a better chance but that is not the case.