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Hmmm ....

I couldn't get Splintertalk.io to work from my iPad for some reason. I hope the Developers know this and are working on a Mobile App for iOS since many people prefer to do stuff from their phones these days.

I was able to log in from an old computer running Chrome with the Hive Keychain.

Like a lot of things with these Chrome add ons you need a computer. I was able to stake my SPT tokens and increase my Splintertalk.io SPT vote rewards so that's good.

I will also be buying more SPT on Hive-Engine to stake and see how high I can get my upvote.

Does anyone know why my staked SPT tokens don't show up when I log into Splinterlands.com ?

Under "My Airdrop Points"

I can view my Card Collection Power 57,450
DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) 20,762

But my SPT (Splinterlands Tokens) show 185 when I have over 700 Staked ?

Is there just a delay of 24 hours between when we Stake and when they show up ?

Anyways .... thanks for dropping by and reading my Splintertalk.io blog.

Time to Claim my SPS !

Screen Shot 20210909 at 5.02.28 PM.png


We are everywhere :)

Thank you for voting me as one of your Witness.

your SPT tokens only count 25% each, so 4 SPT is one point..
I was checking what was smarter to buy last week, DEC or SPT and the conclusion was, earn SPT, buy DEC because of this..

Ahhh…. Ok that makes sense