An NFT Market on SplinterTalk!!! This Keeps Getting Better

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Getting used to the new design here on SplinterTalk, I found the NFT section. And guess what... they have launched a bunch of Splinterlands NFTs.

I personally... out side of Splinterlands... own thousands of NFTs.

Autograph io
NBA Top Shot
and on ad on...

But finding the Splinterlands NFTs and seeing the amazing platform that we have now on SplinterTalk, I think this is worth a serious look.

Screen Shot 20210907 at 10.15.22 PM.png

I have not done a lot of research yet, and I did buy two of the 900 SPT ones, but I want to learn more. If anyone knows of a good SPT Article on the topic, share a link. I'm going to go find out more, and figure out how to sell my Art through the space. I have sold NFT art through a few places, but lately on OpenSea. I want to support the Hive Blockchain and think it would be a lot of fun.

So that is my next project. Figure out more about the SplinterTalk NFTs, and explore putting my own art on sale. I think it would be awesome.

What are your thoughts? Are you all as excited as I am? Let me know in the comments.


Hi @walkingkeys!

I'd like to introduce you to our new project coming to Hive this September.

Lootjoy is a provably fair and transparent gaming platform powered by the Hive blockchain that allows its users to win NFTs from a wide variety of popular collections across a selection of major blockchains. This Septmeber we'll be giving our players the ability to win a selection of Splinterlands cards from our exclusive loot crates.

You can find out more in our introduction post:

Keep up to date with our launch by following us on Hive or Twitter

Join us on Discord here

Sounds interesting. I'll check it out.