Easy way to get 1800 ratings ?

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every element has 7 mana summoner (dragon 2 cards)
we can watch their skills

Yodin-Zaku's abilities mean you should use a fire team within ranged attack.

Lir-Deepswimmer's abilities mean you should use a water team within high blood and high speed.otherwise it's can anti Yodin-Zaku's fire team.(water monsters usually with high speed.)

Scarred-Llama-Mage's abilities mean you should use a self-healing team.

Chanseus-the-Great's ability mean you should use a great tank front and behind.

Mimosa-Nightshade just anti ranged and magic attack team.

Byzantine-Kitty should use a ranged team too.but it offer more speeding.

Camila-Sungazer anti high Melee team.

these are simple way to get about 1800 ratings.
if you want to get more scores,need think much more about game balance.




Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

Thank you for reply,let more people can see my post.

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