Sport Aid - Let's Give One Post for Charity #sportaid + 2500 Token Contest for the Best Post

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Over in the UK we have a number of national charity days like Children in Need and Comic Relief. We also have Sport Aid. So I was thinking. We have all been really blessed to have done pretty well out of our new tribe as early adopters and many of us have rather large stakes and each of our posts generate a lot of tokens. I know many of the big stakeholders give a lot of nice upvotes and share it around but how about we take it one step further. How about we all create just one post and donate all the tokens to a good cause on Steemit? Perhaps on a monthly basis.

Here's the charity I am supporting this month and it's one I have followed since its conception as its roots lie quite close to my heart.

@creativestreet is run by a lovely and talented Filipina artist called @aalagenesis and provides workshops to street kids and underprivileged kids in the Philippines. They have also now widened their reach out to juveniles in rehabilitation centres and kids with special needs.....but please go and read their post;

Creative Street Fundraising for Incoming Workshop Supplies

They just need the funds to buy drawing and art supplies as well as a few snacks for their lunches, events are held regularly around Manila.


How do we go about this?

What I want to see is one of your posts, an original, @dlike or @actifit being donated to this great cause. Simply tag your post #sportaid both in the title and in the tags and then when it pays out, send the tokens to @creativestreet account. They can then chop them in and get the value out to buy their gear. Simple.

To ensure fair play, I am asking @abh12345.sports and @partickulrich to check that the pledged post tokens actually reach the correct account, as this is the first post, from 7 days hence and for the following 7 days which this initiative will be promoted and running for and I will be keeping a check on the list of runners and riders who take part so we can get a final total in a couple of weeks time.

Hopefully, if this works out, I will run a new post next month for a different Steem charity group. Id anyone has any nominations, drop them in comments. Thank you

Final favour, please give this post a resteem!


  1. Create a post with the tag #sportaid both in the TITLE and in the TAGS
  2. When it pays out, send the Sports tokens to @creativestreet


I will choose my favourite post from all the entrants and award them 1250 tokens. I will also award 1250 tokens to the highest paying post AND all entries will get an upvote from me. This will be paid personally by me and NOT from the proceeds from this post.


Marching On Together

@nathen007 #lufc #mot #sportaid


Hello @leedsunited / @nathen007. You're so kind and very helpful to us in @creativestreet. This is a big thing for me and everybody in the group. I couldn't express how much I wanted to thank you and the people who help and who will help our advocacy. Stay awesome and blessed !!!

You're more than welcome and thanks. Let's see what happens :-)

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You're really a great friend and supported @nathen007 :)

Count me in. Will get around to one this week or over the weekend for you.

Brilliant. Thanks so much. I will keep my eye on the tags :-)

Im in. Will publish post in the next few minutes

Thank you so much, will keep my eye on the tags :-)

Nice idea!

I'll get a post tagged in the next 7 days.

Thanks a lot mate. Would really appreciate that :-)

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thanks for this wonderful initiative, I don't know if I can make a post but I will send 1000sports very soon


Thank you so much, they will be added to the total when the post pays and I will post all the results and transfers :-)