Rajeev Shukla's private secretary Saifi resigns after corruption charges

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new Delhi. The sensational charges of corruption on IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla's private secretary Mohammad Akram Saifi have raised sensation once again in Indian cricket. The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) suspended Saifi earlier, after which Saifi himself resigned.

A Hindi news channel had claimed in a sting operation that Saifi had sought bribe and some other things to select the players in the Uttar Pradesh team. These allegations have caused a storm in the BCCI again. The BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit has also given the confidence of investigation in this case.

In a sting operation on the channel, it has been claimed that the IPL Chairman takes Shukla's bribe instead of selecting the private staff. In this sting, the conversation between Shukla's personal assistant Akram Saifi and cricketer Rahul Sharma has been shown in which Saifi has talked of bribe instead of choosing Rahul in the state team.

Rajiv Shukla has been a senior BCCI senior official since long and is also the Chairman of the world's richest cricket league IPL. He is also a director in the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA). The BCCI Anti-Corruption Branch (ACU) has said that it has been investigated in this case.

Saifi has resigned after catching the case of charges against him and Shukla says that it should be accepted with immediate effect.

A senior BCCI official has said in this case that an inquiry commission will be set up in accordance with the constitution of the BCCI 32. According to this rule, the BCCI has sought clarifications from Saifi about these allegations. After the appointment of the inquiry commissioner, he will interrogate Saifi and give his report within 15 days.

As far as Uttar Pradesh is concerned, it will see the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association (UPCA). The UPCA, however, dismissed the allegations against Akram Saifi and argued that the Sangh has full transparency in the trial for the selection of the players and the person making unrestrained accusations should file his written complaint in the UPCA's office.

The cricketer Rahul played in the sting operation has never played in India or any other state team. But Rahul has alleged that Saifi demanded a bribe from him for the selection of the state team. He has also accused Saifi of preparing a false age certificate, but Saifi has denied these allegations.

Meanwhile, former captain of the Uttar Pradesh team and retired from the game, Mohammad Kaif tweeted that he was very shocked by these allegations and should be investigated. Kaif said, "I am surprised to hear the allegations of corruption. Young people are stuck with the corrupt people in this way. Shukla should examine you in this case transparently. '

UPCA sources said, "A person, Rahul Sharma, is being accused of unrestrained under the policy of making the player selection. There is no name for this person named Rahul Sharma in the last five years 'record.'

Sources said, "If he had any complaint with any official of the UPCA, he should file a written complaint, but when his relationship was not from the Sangh, he could dare to do so. Saifi is the PA of IPL Chairman Rajiv Shukla, in this way Rahul made him target so that he can straighten his owl by pressing the UPCA.

He said that the trial process of UPCA is very transparent, which has to be scored first at the district level, after which the skill of the player at the zone level is tested and after which he gets the main trial opportunity. In order to play in the main trial, a young player has to be tested in at least 15 competitions.

Sources said that there are 75 districts in Uttar Pradesh and the lure of representing the team of the state remains to every player. This leads to many famous celebrities coming to the UPCA but everyone has the same answer to the Sangh that the selection of the player is possible only by following the selection process.

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