What is the white beard of Dhoni?

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London: The India team is on a tour of England and the ODI series is 1-1. Team wicketkeeper Mahendra Singh Dhoni got a lot of headlines in the second match. At first he had to face trolling from the Indian crowd on his slow innings. The second reason is their white beard.

In the second match, Mahendra Singh Dhoni got on the field with a beard. From this, he looked very old. Gautam Gambhir, who played in his captaincy, said that this new look does not come on Dhoni as the 37-year-old Dhoni seems to be 4-5 years older than his age.

There is a rule behind the white beard of Dhoni, the Net Practice and the captaincy burden of hard sunshine. Former skipper Sourav Ganguly's hair had diminished due to being a long-time captain and it is exactly like Dhoni. The difference is that Dhoni could hide this from shaving but he did not do that.

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I think captaining the Indian cricket team must be one of the most stressful jobs in sport. At least he still has his hair :-)

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