'Giveaway Genesis League Goals

in #sportslast year

Testing interest in a giveaway idea that would consist of giving away 1 glg pack based on a idea of voting but each say week or 2 days a new post analyzing a battle or account or my investment clubs assets and cash flows etc some consistent piece of info like downvote report and combing trough for abuse of power and investigating it to see if the ppl advocating what they are and punishing only ppl with hp below them are really doing that or just need someone to come along with a larger investment and stop there cash flow like they did to so many and will be investigating how many posts were blocked that never broke any of there made up rules as well and keep a running dollar amount on damages to inform the group of ppl that the magnitud3e of money they could have had if they were receiving the rewards or had received them and make sure to go all the way back and if that number is big enough someone will look into it and bring= a lawsuit and contact all ppl impacted luckily all the data is there which is how they survail the blockchain anyway and all you need is a significant amount of hive delegated and that i bet will happen when or if things are exposed and how many and how influential they are in using the group to vote on there posts indireclty so the reewrds grow in the gorup as one big playet by letting more reward goto them by down voting so it does reward to do so and ill mine will be going to there posts to impact there bottom line but ill be up voting a little bit let there own voting auto dvs take there own mony from them