Fight Night 150 Ronaldo Souza vs Jack Hermansson

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UFC Fight Night 150 impressions.

Well I don’t know about you, but my pregame starts 6:30pm sharp and doesn’t end until around 7:30

That being said the first fight of the night from my perspective was 40 year old Andrei Arlovski vs the fresh but fat Augusto Sakai. Arlovski looked fit and ready to destroy gods like he always does and Augusto looked like a slob. The flop over his waistband could easily hide a small animal, and I am no stranger to waistband flop. But Augusto also sports massive pythons ready to hammer down, he knows how to avoid damage and is ready for a match-up with a legend like Arlovski. Arlovski was off to a good start, landing clean jabs and nice kicks. But Augusto was trading and soon began throwing some leg kicks of his own. It was a very close fight until the second round when Arlovski caught a 7 piece, this caused Augusto to rally but Alovski wasn’t done. They continued to trade into the third round and Arlovski started to look gassed, clinching onto Augusto to avoid damage and recovering stamina. Ultimately Augusto won by split decision, the fight was close but Augusto was the clear victor, landing more significant shots than his legendary veteran opponent.
Our next fight of the night is the lanky and crafty Ben Saunders vs the All rounder Takashi Sato. Saunders was dominating the first round, using his reach to put Sato off balance before Sato could mount his offense. Leg kicks and stiff jabs landed on Sato but Sato remained cool and managed to survive and land a bit in the first round. Then the second round came and Sato or somebody in his corner had a good read on Saunders, because of that Sato was able to exploit Saunders by throwing a low cross down the middle that Saunders ducked into. Maybe it was a good read, maybe it was luck but either way Saunders fell to his back after the cross and Sato landed a flurry of elbows to finish the fight. Saunders immediately popped up and fell into the cage almost out of the octagon door onto the grates. Sato won and rejoiced in his good fortune.

The next fight went as expected with -401 favorite Roosevelt Roberts dominating Jesus headband boi Thomas Gifford.
After that we have the the oddly proportioned John Lineker vs the surprisingly slick Cory Sandhagen. I swear John Lineker stole those arms from the hulk and painted them so nobody would notice, it just doesn’t seem right. Lineker knows how to throw these pythons too, hook after hook slamming into Sandhagen’s guard. But Sandhagen is slick and makes Lineker whiff over and over. Lineker doesn’t really connect clean until the final round, meanwhile Sandhagen is landing stiff jabs down the pipe and wild capoiera kicks with his hand planted on the ground. Sandhagen moves like a ginger shadow. Sandhagen wins the fight handily until the final moments when Lineker finally connect flush with a 2 piece hook and secures a guillotine. Blood shoots out of Sandhagen’s nose and he survives in the guillotine for the remaining 15 seconds. Sandhagen wins by decision, but both fighters put on a show to be proud of.

Next up we have another legend for the night, Glover Teixeira vs up and coming heavy hitter Ion Cuțelaba. These guys were swinging for the fences, the octagon sounded like a batting cage but both fighters remained un-phased by the vicious blows. It was Granite statue vs Granite statue. It seemed like everything was going Cuțelaba’s way, it even looked like he was going to knock out Teixeira at one point as Teixeira was struggling to stay alive during a vicious ground and pound assault. Then during the second round a switch flipped for Teixeira. Teixeira was up against the cage and landed a clean strike, Cuțelaba went to round kick Teixeira and Teixeira literally blocked it with the force of his mind and pushed both hands out like he was shooting a energy blast.

It was hilarious but somehow effective as Cuțelaba fell to the ground. Teixeira followed up with some vicious ground and pound, Cuțelaba turned to his back and Teixeira finished the fight up with a deep rear naked choke to secure the victory. It really looked like it was Cuțelaba’s night, but the Brazilian rain forest spirit clearly had possessed Teixeira tonight. Teixeira might be literally using magic, and that is as unfair as it is impossible. #BanKiBlasts

Then we had Perry vs Oliveira. Now I thought Perry was going to lose tonight because he went full “Florida man”
This week while testing out a stunt for the promo crew “Jacare Souza saved Mike Perry from accidentally hanging himself ahead of UFC Fort Lauderdale”. Basically Perry tried hanging from his neck on the resistance bands attached to his gyms pull-up bars. Clearly he has been watching too much monk shit on youtube
But hey, people have done this and lived so why not you Platinum Mike Perry? Anyway, the fights starts and Oliveira comes out looking formidable, throwing spinning shit and leg kicks, that's what I like to see. But Perry is returning fire, sometime after the first round Perry man handles Oliveira and makes his power known. Perry is a honey-badger tank and continues to dominate Oliveira until the end of the fight with Perry winning in the easiest decision of the judges life, I think one judge got it wrong, but there is always one idiot.

Next up we have former NFL star Greg hardy vs Dmitrii Smoliakov.
Smoliakov looks like a bear in man form and Hardy looks like he is ready to drop bombs bombs.

Hardy is an absolute specimen who was kicked out of the NFL for being to aggressive and it doesn’t take long for his power to overwhelm Smoliakov. Hardy finishes Smoliakov in 2 minutes 15 seconds with a large majority of his strikes landing for significant damage. The announcers go on to say how awesome Greg Hardy has been to all the UFC staff and martial artists around him. It is good to hear Hardy has found peace outside of the ring by putting himself through these trials of fire. Greg Hardy is a fighter that can finish you at any moment and likes to finish quick, don’t look away if Hardy is on.

Last up we have the fight of the night. Ronaldo Souza vs Jack Hermansson. This fight was pretty dull compared to the other fights tonight. I was hoping to go out with a banger, but they can’t all be slug fest 2019. Hermansson was picking apart Souza most of the fight, though Souza did have some answers for Hermansson’s test. The fight got interesting in the last round as it became clear to Souza that he was going to lose in decision so Souza began aggressing. But Hermansson kept catching Souza with stiff jabs and inside kicks knowing that Souza had to aggress. Ultimately Souza’s attempts came up short and Hermansson won in the end by decision. Hermansson fought smart and deserved the win, but I would have liked to see both fighters take more chances.

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