Kids Sports Life and the Sacrifice

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There is something about Japan and kids being extremely busy with sports and other activities after school, which isn't a bad thing. As the bible says, the devil finds work for idle hands. Currently, my twins are swimming, doing track and field and soccer. Well, one of them actually quit soccer a few weeks in because of the loud and arrogant coach. Now, I am happy that my boys are active and wont be a fat fuck like their dad, but there are some serious sacrifices that affects the entire family.

The sacrifice

Besides the monetary costs, the time factor is what really takes its toll. Swimming isn't that bad, once a week on a Saturday morning and we as parents can use the gym at the facilities for a low cost while the kids swim. Track & field isn't that bad either, once or twice a week from 7:30-8:30 PM. My boys only go once a week on a Friday night and I am the one that takes them. Usually after a long week of work, Friday is the day most hamster tread-milling motherfuckers want to hurry home and chillaDiFukOut. But nope, I gotta go watch them practice. It is like an unseen rule here where the parents stay and watch the sports to the end, especially when they are young. My father in law said that the coaches will train your kids better if you stay and watch. Him being a coach himself, I think he knows what he is talking about.

Soccer/ football

Football feels like the fucking enemy. So I mentioned one of the twins quit, but the other is sticking it out. Their grandfather bought them spikes which they won't need for now, and that means they won't fit when they actually need them. So we ended up buying soccer training shoes and giving him the bill. You see, he is the one that insisted on letting them play whatever sports they like, even if they quit and want to try something else. He basically said "whatever they need, I will pay for it!". Which is good, but these sporting activities aren't just about money...the time as I mentioned is the big deal. Soccer is twice a week in the weekdays and may be 3 as he gets older. Then on the weekends there are practice matches, SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS 😝 and guess who has to be there.... the parents. There is also a car pooling feature where parents take turns to carry the kids to and from the practice matches. As the kids get older, the parents don't have to be there unless it is their day to drive or it's a soccer match they want to watch. But talking to other parents, most of them said "hmm well you will be here one way or another, say goodbye to your weekends". Now I know what the term soccer mom means, never really heard soccer dad much though.


Making the best of it

As a parent you want to give your children all the opportunities and experiences possible even if it means a little sacrifice here and there. The key I believe is to just make the best of it. For instance, because one of the twins quit soccer but is still doing swimming, it is difficult for my wife and I to go to the gym at the swimming school as someone has to watch the youngest child who is only 3, while the other parent takes the footballer to practice matches. If the two twins were doing swimming at the same time, one parent could go to the gym while they swam, which we were doing for quite some time.

But hey, just gotta switch it up and get in a workout where you can and when you can. For instance, I usually do jogging and push ups on a Friday night while the kids practice track and field. I also started to do the same on Tuesday nights while Kamar practices soccer. I get to workout as well as see them training, just sitting there on my smartphone like most of the parents just isn't for me. After things get less busy at work I can figure out a gym time in the week and get back to the iron. My wife has switched it up as well and has started a light workout every morning religiously.

This may sound like a rant but this is the reality of parenting. My parents made a lot of sacrifices for my brothers and I and I am sure your parents did the same. This parenting thing isn't easy but atleast now we can blog about it so our kids can see it in the future...and also we can earn some HIVE 🤑. What a time to be alive.



Such games are very important for children at this age because this is the age where if these children do not play games, their brains do not work well with such things. The mind also starts working well and the health of a person is also very good and there are many places where a person has to endure many things.

Very true, important for developing their mind and body as well as social skills. Not sure what sports the otyer twin will focus on but if it's baseball then the family life might get a little tricky.

Yeah I totally agree with you.

The truth is that we cannot give our children all but it is always good if we can provide the majority of what our children want
That's good parenting!

Very true, they can't have it all. But regarding sports and other activities I think it's a good Ben though it puts a strain on the parents. Hopefully they will becoming professional athletes, if not, at least they will be healthy.

Doing our part as parents by making sure our kids gets the best is very important, which is exactly what you are doing, kudos to you. I love the fact that they are engaged in one sport activity or the other.

Thank you, they are so engaged now but at times the thing they wanted to do, like swimming has gotten a bit tough for them, in that infringes on their tablet time. I guess even they must sacrifice 😂