Powering up Sports - 16 280 Sports

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Hello !

This makes now more than a week that I created this second account for the Sports Token. I have some results. I already have earned more than 20k sports. 10k liquid and 10 staked.

I'm making less curation rewards than I thought but it's still way bigger than all sports curation rewards I had with the account @ykretz when i was curation all kind of posts.

This leads to my sports power up :

Stake sports.PNG

Here I have my earnings froms posts and curation + 6k sports from my main account earned from @actifit daily reports.

That makes me reach around 850k sports, 26k earned in a week and 825k delegated from my main account :

staked sports.PNG

My goal is still to reach 1Million Sports staked before march 2021 ! And it seem to be possible when I see how much I'm getting per week !

The sports token is one of my favourite thanks to the community and staking so much of it is really satisfying, even if I know that a lot of people stake A LOT MORE than me.



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Nice to hold Token Sportstalk 👍