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Going through my YouTube Chanel, I discovered this video that I uploaded about a year ago when I came across a handicap football team.

I actually took it to be fun but sought a way to help them but I couldn't really help due to the fact that I wasn't a sports person then. I was challenged at their creativity and for the fact that they never felt rejected and made themselves happy.

Now as sportstalk.com aims at promoting sports activities and rewarding sports activities, my intention is to help this cripple guys have a better life. I want to try as much as I can to help them 'mine their human' even as I am 'mining my human' as well.

I'm not sure where they are presently but I can try my best to locate them. I will definitely find them if I can go to the area where they mostly stay.

It'd be a nice concept starting an 'offline-online' handicaps team. Let's make them feel important. From the information I got then, most of them are beggers who have nothing doing but I believe we can get them engaged in activities that will change their lives(To mine their human).

If I'm sure that I'd get support form steemians across the community, I'll take the bold step of going to meet with this guys again and help them understand that their creativity Worths something. If you can get some less privilege in your environment too, we can suddenly make it an international event of teams against teams. This is what we mean when we say 'MINE YOUR HUMAN'. Release those ideas and visions in you. Let's extract from you what you contain.

Let's keep in our minds that problems are everywhere and we become great when we solve them.

Never complain about your situation, your wealth is in a problem you overlooked.

So I have chosen not to overlook this problem. Support me!

Your greatness is trapped on your inside. You become great when what's on the inside of you is manifested on the outside. Therefore you need to 'mine your human' to be able to release what's on the inside.

Your boy Terry a.k.a @surpassinggoole, is one that I know is creating value for humanity and I trust the sky is his beginning.

There are lots of ideas and concepts that we can later introduce. Let's grow humanity together.

I'm always @adesojisoujay, thanks for passing by.


Keep digging. The world needs this shine. Tunnels need to find light. Dig, dig, dig be diggist.

Surely I'll keep digging until I've mined it all... The world is our responsibility. We are the the light the world needs to shine.