You MUST question your fanhood! Chiefs QB 🤣🤣

in #sportstalk4 months ago (edited)

Listen Chiefs.....when your QB gets caught at the Coachella 2022 music festival wearing a man purse, you have to reevaluate your Chiefs fanhood. Is Patrick Mahomes morphing into his fruity brother Jackson Mahomes?

Not a good look Chiefs.


Let's give him a chance to explain...😂😂😅
I'm sure he has got reasons 😉

🤣😂🤣oh my sides…

Lol! What an outfit 🙂

He got that purse to match his Queer haircut..

His girlfriend made him wear it


Lol denim shorts/bermudas are always a bad choice.

The chiefs need to listen 👂

Lol 😂 I can see both of them having fun not bad anyway @broncnutz

😆 he is trying something new probably, doesn't look good but hey, atleast, it's something new.

It's not new. Kramer had one on The Seinfeld Show... Joey had one on Friends.. the verdict was always the same..

I meant for him, he was trying something different and indeed the verdict is the same.

Wow....Lovely pic

Can we say that you can start this year's fashion :))

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!Love this! Broncos fan to or anything colorado.

Cool bag. We have one for $200