Tribe Analysis for the Month – Sportstalk!

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This month we will be looking more closely into the Sportstalk tribe. The name of the tribe is pretty much self-explanatory what this tribe is all about. Sports in general is huge. A lot of potential here.

Sportstlak seems to be one of the Steem Engine tribe with some success. It has a nice activity and a decent volume on the token, comparing it to others. Lets see some more data and charts.


Here I will do a closer look into the data of the tribe, the number of tokens issued, top earners, staking, activity on the web, prices etc.
Data will be presented for the period between 10/18/2019 till 11/17/2019.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Tokens distribution,
  • Top Earners in the last 30 days
  • Staking and top Stakers
  • Burning
  • Number of Sportslak users
  • Posts and comments activities on the platform
  • Posting from interface,
  • Votes from the @sportsvoter and
  • Price Chart

Issued Tokens

First, lets take a look into token distribution, inflation and how it is distributed.
Below is a chart that represents the daily issued SPORTS token.


On average there is around 2.3 million SPORTS tokens issued daily. For the period the number of issued tokens is 71.2 million tokens. Compared to some of the other tribes like PAL or LEO where there is around 5k tokens issued daily this is a high inflation. But having good use cases is important as well.

Top 10 SPORTS Earners for the period

Now that we saw how the numbers on the tokens are issued let’s see how those are being distributed. How much do the top 10 received and how much the rest? How many accounts earned SPORTS tokens?

Here is the chart of the Top 10 SPORTS earners in the period.


Out of the 71.2 M issued tokens in the period, the top 10 earned 18.7 M or 26% share of the reward pool.
This is an overall nice distribution of the token an less concentrated than some other tribes.

On the top with a large lead is the @sportsbene account with more than 6M SPORTS tokens earned, next is the @crypotandcoffee account and @razackpulo.sort account.

Staked Tokens

Staking is an important part of the tokenomics as it shows how much of the tokens are out of the market and put in use.

Here is the chart of the net staked tokens in the last 30 days.


A total of 83 M SPORTS tokens staked in the period
The tokens above are not net tokens, meaning its not a difference between staked and unstaked but only tokens that were staked. The unstaking period for token to my last information is 9 months. Quite a long time.

Top 10 SPORTS Stakers in the period

Who is doing the staking? Here is the chart of the Top 10 SPORTS stakers in the period analyzed.


On the top is the @wehmoen account with more than 7M SPORTS tokens staked, next is the @reddybhai account and account.

I wasn’t able to make a pie with the share of staked unstaked tokens, due to the specifics of the SPORTS token. There are two large accounts with almost 100B liquid tokens, and this is making the chart irrelevant.

Burning SPORTS

Burning tokens is an important metric as in a way it is a anti inflationary measure and it shows the use cases for the token or sinks.


A total of 4.18M tokens burned in the period analyzed
Looks like starting from October 31 there is more burning on the SPORTS token.

Top 10 SPORTS Burners in the last 30 days

Who is doing the burning? Here is the chart of the Top 10 SPORTS burners (not sure about this word 😊) in the last 30 days.


Out of the 4.18M tokens burnt in the period, the top 10 burnt 3.4M or 81%% share.
On the top is the @sportspromo account with 816k SPORTS tokens burned in the period.


How is the SPORTS community doing with the number of users?

Below is a chart with the number of unique users that posted on the Sportstalk web. These are users that posted directly from the web.


A total of 1175 unique user have posted from the Sportstalk frontend.
The users who posted from other frontends and included the tag #sportstalk are not included in the chart above.

Next, a chart for the new daily users that posted from the web in the period.


A total of 81 new users used the sportstalk frontend for the first time in the period analyzed.

Activities on Sportstalks

Below is a char of the activities on Sportstalk, including posting and commenting from the Sportstalk interface and posting and commenting with the #sportstalk tag.


We can see that the majority of the posting still comes from other interfaces with the tag #sportstalk, but the numbers on the sportstalksocial web are also doing fine. Compared to the other tribes sportstalk at the moment has the highest number of users on their native frontend.

Here is the chart only for posts from interface.


There seems to been a bit of excitement at the begging an the numbers dropped afterword’s. In the last period there is on average around 120 posts coming from the sportstalk frontend.

Posts and comments from the Sportstalk interface

Below is the chart on the posts and comments from the Sportstalk web, in the period.


Votes from @sportsvoter

The @sportsvoter account has around 150k SP at the moment. Not sure how exactly it works, but I guess it rewards sportstalk user for creating quality content.

Here is the chart on the number of daily votes from these accounts.


A total of 1972 votes were casted to a 301 users with 18 votes per day on average.


Here is the price chart with daily candles. A bit darker for better visibility.


In the last few days the SPORTS token is traded around 0.0007 to 0.0008 STEEM.

All the best


This is very interesting. The topic is very popular, the post number is large, but the number of tokens is very large. Token economics and value are very complicated. Now that burning Tokens has become very popular I wonder how the market caps and coin values will look in a month or two?

Sports have high inflation, and the price reflect that. On the other hand it can reach a lot of users so its not an issue.

Nice work @dalz!

I suspect the drop in posts coming from the front end are somewhat related to actifit partnering with STS. I post mainly via actifit now to get my afit tokens for the day.

We are having some trouble with alt accounts and farming, and so new users is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

And of course, the token inflation and number of tokens. Personally, I think that the price is due to decline further unless the Crypto market picks up and a lot of new users arrive.

Thanks for this post!

Thanks for the comment!
I wasn't aware about the possibility to post actifit report from STS. Also about new alt accounts farming.
But at least on tribes, you can ban an account easily and they will not show up. The token inflation is very specific for SPORTS :). Not sure why it was designed like that.

As for the price who knows what can happen :) This are so new and small projects, one major player coming in can push it a lot and the opposite.

Have a nice one!

If you post from actifit the sportstalk tag is automatically included :)

Yes it's easier to ban/disable accounts on the tribes and the ones that don't utilize this feature will fail imo.

One of the biggest deficiencies I have found with the Sportstalksocial front end , is the lack of a search function. Currently, it's very difficult to try to search for content based on my favourite player, or team, or anything other than the predetermined tags.

Yeah, at present it's down to how people tag, and they don't tag well.

I think the front ends will look more like the communities front ends when they go live, which will of course solve all our problems :D

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Thanks for this indept analysis!
Strange that the one who did earn the most tokens coulnd't be find in the top stakers.


The @sportsbene account is a bit odd, and has odd transaction as well ... probably some admin account .... not sure

Stats and graphs. I’m in heaven!

Hi, @dalz!

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Nice analysis more people using sportstalk social because it's easy to talk about sports and I think if they could include a book maker for sports token burning I bet the price will sky rocket as research as shown more people loss on betting than winning