Betting Report 25/07/2019

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While waiting for the main soccer championships to start, yesterday I started my season.
I started with a tennis match, a nice odd @ 2.15, with M. Cressy who beat the US compatriot S.Bangoura.


  • Establish a monthly budget and each play must not exceed 10% of the total.
  • We always play on the odds going to analyze the statistics.
  • Try to have as much information as possible (injured, derby, weather conditions, etc.)
  • Avoid too low odds below @ 1.30
  • Avoiding victories away from home if we are not 99% sure
  • When we suffer a loss, we do not try to recover immediately but it is better to avoid playing for a few days.

it is essential to pay attention to these rules, the real problem for bettors is tilt, knowing how to manage defeats is fundamental, a careful strategy, an effective analysis and a study of matches is essential to obtain good results.

A breve inizierà la stagione di football, e preparerò le mie previsoni, tutte le scommesse saranno piazzate su
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is this part of scorum? I actually have an account there I've never used. Either way, will certainly have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up :-)

then I wait for you, you will find many friends you already know!

The gang's all here! I'm waiting till this round pays out then gonna be powering some up, gonna be a mega...mermaid!