My Beta Algorithm report, bet and win 200 Sports

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hello guys, the most beautiful championship in the world is about to start and I'm ready to take my bets.
I continue with my report, I am very happy with the results obtained.

I have yet to identify the right parameter to maximize profits and minimize losses, I also have to reconcile the method to my time availability.

I started betting on all pre-matches, I always chose a share above @ 1.30, the results are not negative but too dispersive.

In the last few days I have focused on Live bets, my goal is to take higher odds, the type of bet remains the same, always Over 0.5 HT Live.

The first three days were very exciting, some matches like Astana-Valletta and Torino-ESKT brought me great victories, the matches in question were very unbalanced and yet the odds remained high above @1.40.

Currently the Report is:

  • 18 bets
  • 15 won
  • 3 lose
  • average odds 1.40
  • 180 betting units
  • 210 earned units
  • 30 profit units
  • ROI 17%
    Below I leave the list of today's matches, every day the bot analyzes signals and identifies the games to bet on. The advantage of betting live is that you can easily understand if the game is for or against your bet, also after a few minutes the odds start to rise and your advantage grows exponentially, often in the first 10 minutes the teams will they study, so actually taking a pre-match position leads to a very important physiological loss.



WIN 200 sports

  • Leave a comment with a match on the list you think will end Under 1.5.
  • if your prediction is correct you will win 200 sports.
  • The Contest closes before the start of your match.
  • resteem and upvoten are welcome
  • the comment cannot be changed

SBCleague is back, all the bettors are invited ... don't miss this great opportunity.


Bala Town - Gresford

Yesterday I tried your Over 0.5 HT Live and as I said you are lucky man. Because my result negative

here bigger image

Bro’, yesterday I also had a negative balance, 5 won and 4 lose, ROI -20%