Updated Premier League Winner Odds

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We're another week into the 2019/20 Premier League season and things are starting to shape up nicely.

Last week, I made a post about the current odds for teams to win the Premier League this season.

With another week under the belt, I'm going to take a look to see if things have changed for the bookies.

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Manchester City

Previous Odds: 1.74
New Odds: 1.90
Implied Probability: 52.6%

No surprises here but Manchester City's grip on the odds are starting to drift with Liverpool's 100% record. They're still the favourites, but there's probably only one win/loss in it at the moment.


Previous Odds: 2.66
New Odds: 2.26
Implied Probability: 44.2%

With a win away to Chelsea, Liverpool have continued to close the gap on the favourites in the odds department. It's looking like a two-horse race already.


Previous Odds: 55.0
New Odds: 100.0
Implied Probability: 1%

Tottenham's loss has hurt them big time, slipping to massive odds of 100.0 to win the Premier League. These are pretty tasty if you genuinely think they stand a chance.


Previous Odds: 95.0
New Odds: 170.0
Implied Probability: 0.6

Likewise, Chelsea have seen their odds drift big time with a loss at home. Lampard will be targeting a top 4 finish with Arsenal and Manchester United also looking fragile.

Other Mentions

Manchester United can be backed at massive odds of 310.0, giving them an implied probability of 0.3% to win the league this season. Ole's time at the wheel isn't going to plan.

Arsenal are currently offered at 120.0 which gives them the edge over Chelsea at this point. That's still only an implied probability of 0.8%.

Interestingly, Leicester have made their move ahead of some of the big boys at this stage and can be backed at 250.0. Could history repeat itself? No, but they're a good side nonetheless.


I think its a two horse race already unless Spurs start playing. I still see city doing it for some reason. They have the experience now to win titles where Liverpool may bottle it. Be nice to see Liverpool doing it though

Although City could of course still win it, I don't think we'd bottle it even if that were the case. I mean, this team won the Champions League a few months back and have lost 1 game in the league since the start of last season. That game happened to be to City so I think those games could be the most important of the lot. For now, I'm just happy that we've started so well and City have had a couple of blips!

Last christmas 10 points between yee. You could see the nerves and they lost points. Its your big chance now with citys injurys in defence. They may be signing Komoany back at xmas

City had a game in hand, that's the only reason we were 10 points clear. This whole 10 point thing makes the argument shaky at best. In reality, it was 7. We then lost to them which brought it down to 4. If you can bottle the league by losing once and getting 97 points, football is dead.