New announcement, plus an overview of our goals and overall vision as a sports oriented platform on the steem blockchain

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It has been really wonderful to be a part of the SportsTalk community, and even more wonderful is the fact that SportsPredictSocial as a platform has continued to grow at a steady pace which is very exciting for us.

With joy in our heart we'd like to announce to our current and prospective users that we've been able to secure delegation to our official account @sportspredict of SPORTS token from @sportsprojects to the tune of 2.5 million SPORTS which will be utilized exclusively to curate SportsPredictSocial posts.

From this moment onward our users can expect all SPS curation to come from our official account @sportspredict.

We would like to thank every member of this community who has supported one way or the other and also to our users who have kept our platform alive with activity. Thank you all so much for your contributions and without you all SPS would probably cease to exist.

If it happens that this is the first time you are coming across SportsPredictSocial and would like to know more about the project you can check out our introduction post or visit our blog.

Why Predictions Though?

Over time, as humans have grown to become more intelligent and aware of our present environments, we have also learned through research and experience that common opinion and public perception of an entity or a set of entities can help shape the outcome of events/occurrences involving that entity.

The effects of public perception on anything being perceived are rather psychological than physical and I can bet that a lot of people reading this can relate/attest to the fact that at some point in their life most probably more than once the general opinion of people around them has affected the way an activity they were involved in turned out.

In my own opinion as the writer of this piece, I believe that when the majority of people believe that a particular event will turn out a certain way it almost always turns out that way, though sometimes there are exceptions and events do not turn out the way they are expected to turn out.

This brings us to a question actually, why do people predict? The truth is people predict because we as humans understand that being able to predict unforeseen situations correctly is the first step to actually preparing ourselves for the period when that situation actually becomes reality.

The ability to predict correctly most of the time definitely helps us keep the world going, an example of where this is at play is the stock market. In the stock market, when investors and analysts start noticing negative trends relating to a certain stock or commodity, that commodity starts getting shorted.

If their predictions turns out to be correct and they short the negatively trending stock it means they were able to prevent investment loss just by relying on their instinctive ability to predict.

This same principle is applicable in the sports betting world. A huge part of sports betting is actually dependent on the ability to predict correctly.

Being able to predict correctly enough is a big factor that determines the earning potential of the predictor or in this case , the bettor.

This simple reason is why prediction sites enjoy the popularity they do even when a lot of them are reputed for not giving accurate predictions.

I believe that the main reason why a lot of prediction sites do not give the correct prediction is because they mostly centralized and based on the point of view of one person which is the site administrator or maybe a small tiny group of people.

Our aim at SportsPredictSocial is to build a platform where people express their true opinions regarding the outcome of an event, the statistics from all of our users predictions will then be used to provide aggregated predictions per event that can be presented to the sports betting community.

We are not claiming that predictions from our platform will be 100% perfect, I don't think anybody could actually claim to possess perfection in their doings. But one thing people can count on when they use the aggregated predictions from our platform is that the probability of them winning bets would be higher than what they would usually get.

The reason for the above claim is not far fetched, it is an accepted fact that when a lot of people believe that a particular thing might happen then that is very much likely to happen.

Consensus is not a random thing, it is almost always as a result of conditions that have been met before people agree on a certain point.

The predictions that will be offered by SportsPredictSocial will collated from predictions submitted by our users. The more we are able to get users to join our platform, the more we believe predictions from our platform will become even more reliable.

What Do Our Users Stand To Gain

Our platform stands out from the rest and opens the floor to everyone. The predictors are free to make their predictions and get rewarded accordingly for their precision and accuracy.

The pundits, sports analysts, journalists and sportsmen are also welcome as SPS offers is looking to provide access to raw and reliable sports prediction data from sport lovers around the world.

The data which is readily available, can be collected and used to deduce credible and important information.

Rewards distributed on the platform will help ensure that users predict as honestly and as precisely as they.

Details on how users are rewarded can be found here.

This method was adopted so that users can strive to predict correctly and express their truest opinions on the platform.

With the known fact that rewards are at stake for correct predictions, users will make honest and fair predictions correctly based on their own point of view.

Our profound gratitude goes out the growing sub-community of predictors on SportTalkSocial.

The ride with all of you has been fun so far. The SPS Team appreciates the continued support we receive. We are working around the clock to provide better services for all users.

So far, we have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg with the SPS Project. The SPS team has a lot in stock for the platform. We only ask that our predictors be on the lookout as things will only continue to get better on the platform.

There are plans to add more interesting features and events to make the platform top notch, as we eagerly look to serve the sporting community on the steem blockchain the very best.

Feel free to reach out to us. Our team is readily available to attend to users, we welcome any form of suggestions, questions and comments.


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