SportsPredictSocial Update/Tutorial on How to Use the Application

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About eleven days ago, SportsPredictSocial was introduced for the first time to the SportsTalkSocial community on the Steem blockchain.

The feedback gotten from the community at that time was mixed and was really appreciated, users of SportsTalkSocial were quick to point out some irregularities in the implementation of the app that could have affected the experience of the users in a negative manner.

Among the opinions aired, the most sounded ones were the fact there was no SSL certificate securing all connections to the website and also that users were to log in with their Posting WIF rather than using steem keychain or steemconnect for user authentication.

In the past few days the concerns about having a secure connection on the platform has been quashed. A SSL certificate has been acquired and if any user tries to visit the website using a https:// prefix they will find that the connection established is now a secure one.


Regarding the issue of user authentication, users will still have to continue logging in with their Steem username and Posting WIF. A lot of work has been done in the past few days to implement Steem Keychain for logging in and while the implementation was successful regarding the user authentication aspect, there were concerns on the part of the developer of SportsPredictSocial in terms of performance issues when making posts on the blockchain with Steem keychain.

Keychain is the most secure option available for user key management, which is why fervent work is currently ongoing on making Keychain the user authentication medium for the platform and will be released soon.

As at the time the introduction post was made, the features of the app mainly included an interface for making, viewing and submitting predictions exclusively. After that time a few new additions/improvements have been added to the landing page, the dashboard and also a new feature has been added that allows users to view predictions categorized by Trending, New and Hot.

Some New Additions and How To Use The Platform

Landing Page

The homepage of the application features links to all important parts of the application. When a user is not logged in and the user visits the homepage of the platform, the user will be provided links to the Login page and Predictions page where they can login to the dashboard and view predictions submitted by other users respectively.


After loggin in and the user visits the same page again the user will be provided with links that takes them directly to the Dashboard where they make predictions and the Predictions page where they can see all predictions submitted by other users.



After logging in with your steem username and posting key the user is navigated to the dashboard to view the list of upcoming events in the next 24 hours and choose from them to add to the prediction ticket which will be posted on the blockchain.


Each sport featured on the list of sports has their own set of unique options that the user can choose from to make their predictions.

The available options differ from each other depending on the sport in question.


Some sports do not have more than two options while some sports have as much as six options for the users to choose from.

Some sports also do not have any available options at the moment, such sports will have options assigned to them in future updates.


After choosing all desired options from sports available the user can then proceed to the VIEW TICKET tab on the same page to view the number of predictions on a prediction ticket.


In order to post the ticket to the blockchain the user must click on CREATE TICKET at the bottom of the VIEW TICKET tab after which a confirmation will be shown that the ticket has been submitted successfully.

In a future update, a commentary feature is going to be added to the application that will allow the users to add personal opinions about their predictions. This feature will enable users to be able to tell other users more about why they predicted what they predicted, that way we can foster engagement and build a community of sport predictors right here on the Steem Blockchain.

More features are already being tested with the coming release of the second version of the application. The goal and vision of SportsPredictSocial is to create a platform/community for sports enthusiasts to express their opinions and make predictions on the outcomes of upcoming sport games.

The aim is to have a platform where people share their perspectives on upcoming sport events regardless of the sport based on individual analysis and get rewarded for that. We look forward to a exciting ride ahead.

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Discord Channel -

Introduction Post -


What is the reward system like, couldn't find any on the post, but it's nice what you are building

Thank you @sportsconnect, the reward system is based on how correct the prediction ticket of a user is.

You can read the details on how the reward system works by following the link on this page

You can also ask more questions on anything you don't understand by following the link to the discord channel shared in the post above.

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